How to Be Productive and Happy - Embrace the Flow of Life

How to Be Productive and Happy - Embrace the Flow of Life

Hope Johnson Hope Johnson
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The True Meaning of Productivity

Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed and exhausted in our pursuit of goals, wondering how to be productive. Conventional thinking seems to be settled on the idea that the solution lies in working harder or setting better intentions. However, the truth is far simpler and more profound: you need mental relaxation.

Productivity isn't about achieving more; it's about understanding the true purpose of life: to love, learn, and restore sanity to our shared mind.


The Pitfalls of Goal Attachment

Having goals isn't the issue. You aren’t capable of having any goals, except one, because it’s God’s Will for you. The ego has goals, and you pretend (even to yourself) to be an ego having goals.

Yet the ego’s goals aren’t a problem for you. It's your attachment to meaningless goals that leads to distraction, procrastination, confusion, depression, and eventually death. All of the ego’s goals lead to death.

The only goal you are capable of having is the goal of awakening from dreaming of world we made. Such is the goal we all share.    

The burden of constantly pursuing thoughts about advancing ourselves is based on a false notion that hurts our mind and stifles our creativity.


The True Purpose of Life

Striving relentlessly for productivity can be detrimental to your mental health. You're not meant to shoulder the responsibility of accomplishing everything. Your purpose here is to love and be loved, and when you embrace this as your primary goal, you're fulfilling the very essence of creation.

Remember, your worldly goals are not truly yours. They're imaginary markers guiding you through a dream life. Progress towards them only happens when it aids our shared goal: awakening from this world of misperception.


The Power of Detachment

Interestingly, those who are willing to detach from their imaginary goals and release the burden ofaccomplishment often find that they achieve more with ease, contentment, and efficiency. They're grateful for whatever they do, unaffected by others' opinions.

Whether this resonates with you now or not, you'll eventually realize that whatever needs to be done has already been done. If this idea appeals to you, lean gently into it.

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Embracing Essential Oils

To aid this journey towards effortless living, I create essential oil blends through my company, Miracle Botanicals. Essential oils have been wonderful companions in my own awakening journey. This post was inspired by our Mastermind Essential Oil Blend, a potent mix of Lemon, Peppermint, and Rosemary essential oils. This blend invigorates, clears the mind, and supports memory and cognitive functions.


Redefining Success

Success is about relaxing into life's flow, allowing it to effortlessly carry you through your accomplishments. You deserve this ease! It's not about how much you do, but how peacefully and joyfully you live your life.

In conclusion, understanding how to be productive involves a mental shift from relentless doing to peaceful being. Let go of your attachments, embrace love, and allow life to flow naturally. In doing so, you'll find not only increased productivity but also profound happiness.

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