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Frequently Asked Questions with Hope Johnson

What is a mystical teacher?

A mystical teacher is someone who is willing to demonstrate through the particulars of their life that illusions have no value and that only love is real.

What is mysticism?

Mysticism can be found in all religious and spiritual traditions. Its aim is to bring awareness of the unity or oneness of all things and to undo the thinking that makes the illusion of a separation.

Why does mysticism aim an undoing the illusion of separation?

Mysticism will ultimately cause the perceived world to give way to the world that's actually been created. Either the illusory world or the created world can be experienced, but not both at the same time. Unlike the illusory world, mysticism reveals that reality doesn't include experiences such as death, illness, disease, separation, fear, conflict, murder or guilt.

How did you become a mystic teacher?

 I was called through suffering, as we all are, and I answered the call. Soon people who were seeking clarity and wisdom were finding me and getting benefited thereby. The teaching doesn't come from me as a separate mystical teacher. The teaching comes from love, which is allowed to be extended when love is not being resisted.

How is a mystical teacher different from a Christian?

Christianity in general promotes fear, sacrifice, and self-judgment, while a mystical teacher demonstrates that these are all meaningless concepts.