Guilt or Innocence? It's the only Choice

Hope Johnson Hope Johnson
2 minute read

As a parent, if you are willing to get that your children only look to you to show them their innocence so that you could reclaim yours...

You will not find yourself trying to convince your children that they have done something wrong.... nor will you find yourself agreeing with them when they come up with the mad idea that they've done something wrong.

Instead, you will carefully choose to Deny truth to illusions of wrongdoing so that you can demonstrate that only innocence is possible, rather than habitually choosing to make illusions of wrongdoing true so that you can demonstrate that guilt is inescapable.


your only responsibility in this world is choosing between guilt or innocence. All worldly responsibilities and choices are being played out automatically and are only being propped up to distract you from taking responsibility for the only choice you can and do make from moment to moment.

No one gets out of making this important choice, and the common parental mind chooses the guilty alternative because of fear that if they choose innocence, their child will not learn their lesson. Such is the backwards thinking of the world, and it's meant to keep the cause of perceiving guilty illusions hidden so that its effects can be multiplied forever.

Choosing innocence in the face of guilty appearances is how to reverse the thinking of the world and command miracles. It's the only way to call forth the kind of healing that transforms ancient wounds into present love.

Whatever you find yourself perceiving is a benefit because it presents an opportunity to choose again.

What will you choose this time?

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