Heaven is Not a Dream

Hope Johnson Hope Johnson
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Image - Heaven is not a dream.

I’ve heard several spiritual teachers attest to having entered Heaven, nirvana or eternal bliss whilst they still appear to be embodied.

But what they have really entered is a happier version of dreaming.

I get that these lovely people do believe they have found Heaven because happy dreaming stands in stark contrast to its opposite.

However, Heaven does not include the density that comes along with perceiving bodies and believing that they have made it to Heaven actually prevents them from taking it all the way by undoing the thought that causes bodies and the material world to occur at all.

Behind the idea of having entered Heaven whilst the body and world are still being made manifest is the secret belief in being unworthy of Heaven, and the secret wish to extend time and go through more cycles of birth and death.

Those who are drawn to such teachers also want to find Heaven whilst keeping the body sense because of their attraction to feeling unworthy of actual Heaven.

In fact, stopping at the happy dream and calling it Heaven is a call for punishment because happy dreaming eventually leads back to its opposite if the time spent in that phase is not used to undo the thought of separation.

Heaven is only available here and now

It’s true that Heaven is only available here and now, but if anyone is able to perceive you as embodied in this dream world, your mind is still being projected in consciousness, which is way, way off from Heaven.

My invitation to you is don’t stop! Keep undoing the guilty thought upon which our bodies and this world are made manifest, no matter how happy your dreaming appears to become.

Because no matter how happy the dream that includes birth and death seems to be, it’s meaningless compared to the ecstatic joy of having your mind restored to actual Heaven.

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