Understanding the Feeling Effect

This is an advanced idea, but when it’s properly understood, you will never again be able to make yourself out to be weak, frail, sick or wanting without knowing how to heal it.

Firstly, to facilitate understanding, here’s a depiction of the order of things and terms being used here:

Self-Belief (concept of self extrapolated from the mistaken thought that you separated yourself from reality) ——->> Feeling Effect (visceral sensations that demonstrate the consequence of Self-Belief) ——->> Peripheral Effects (thought and thought forms projected outward from the Feeling Effect aka everything that can be perceived) ——->> Fixating on Peripheral Effects supports Self-Belief and the wheel goes round and round

The Feeling Effect is the first effect of Self-Belief. It’s a demonstration of the energy that’s presently being projected outward to make Peripheral Effects. This is very difficult to see as it seems to be the other way around - it seems that the Peripheral Effects are responsible for arousing the Feeling Effect.

Because of the seeming order of things, the conditioned habit is to deny the Feeling Effect and focus on giving reality to the Peripheral Effects as if they caused the Feeling Effect. Fixating on the Peripheral Effects is the habitual tendency and the device used to deny the Feeling Effect and support Self-Belief, which occurs by default.

Peripheral Effects have no meaning and their only function is to keep the mind distracted from attending to the Feeling Effect and thereby resolving Self-Belief.

It is only through embracing the Feeling Effect that Peripheral Effects lose power over the mind and Self-Belief gets healed. Specifically, the mind can only learn that it’s a benefit and not a threat to release Self-Belief by going through the Feeling Effect.

For instance, feeling like one wants something (better health, more money, connection, freedom, etc) is caused by the Feeling Effect of Self-Belief, The habitual response is to fixate on the Peripheral Effect by agreeing with thoughts that seem to prove that something is really wanted, which supports Self-Belief.

In this way, the Feeling Effect gets resisted and time gets extended to accommodate more Peripheral Effects being made while protecting the Self-Belief.

Conversely, when the mind’s attention is consciously turned back toward the Feeling Effect, the underlying Self Belief gets resolved because it is not being supplied with the necessary energy in the form of thought projections that support it.

Accordingly, the Feeling Effect and Peripheral Effects are denied reality, happiness ensues, and time shortens.

Q: Why would anyone want to shorten time?

A: Because time is only necessary while there is allegiance to Self-Belief. Everyone really wants to return to timelessness, wherein there is no possibility of dreaming that life has an opposite.

Q: Without dreaming, isn’t there just nothingness, like a void.

A: No, that idea is based on fear of death and intentional forgetting of the world you thought you lost forever. The real world is an extension of eternal Life without an opposite and without conflict or the effects of time.