Undoing Guilty Perception | WD

Hope Johnson gives an in-depth discussion on what is ‘getting the feeling effect’. She shares her wisdom on what it means by all of us are energies playing. With panelists, Laurie Thiboutot, Bob Shine and later, Julia Shevchenko, Hope expounds more on seeing everyone through the eyes of the spirit.

Glean wisdom on the following topics from the episode:

  • The common guilty – trip of the ego
  • Getting the feeling effect of guilty thoughts
  • Laughter is the answer
  • Live free in the moment
  • See those projections
  • Together for eternity

The common guilty – trip of the ego

We tend to compare ourselves with other people and question why they are, ‘getting it’ while we don’t. Thinking this way is one of the ego’s guilty – trip. When we see others ‘getting it’, we are not seeing them clearly. Truthfully, they have ‘gotten it’ just like we do.

Feelings stemming from guilt are fear, jealousy, and being upset and undeserving. Guilt makes us believe we are only deserving of punishment through manifestations of being separated from the One Source.

Getting the feeling effect of guilty thoughts

The actions we see from other people are messages telling us what our feelings look like. Getting the feeling effect is allowing those feelings, and acting on them is not caring about them.

What really happens is an energy exchange and getting the feeling calms down energies. We can stay still and allow the feeling to come and go. Then, we become clearer for not going with it.

We need to get the feeling to know what we are projecting. When we recognize we are projecting, we return to who we are and everything shifts. It is like seeing the future. When we are simply riding the feeling, we are riding the future with it. When we start to see that, we become less motivated to write a story with such feeling. Instead, we let the story be written, and it will turn into a love story because then, we are only demonstrating to everyone they are innocent, no one can do wrong, and there is no good and bad. When we demonstrate innocence in our minds, we allow more joy and lightness until we get to see a world without separation. It can occur when everyone is looked through the eyes of the spirit.

Laughter is the answer

What we only want are truth, peace, harmony and comfort of the reality of who we are. The rest are just thoughts. They are manifesting from moment to moment and each can be used for healing.

Healing happens when we watch the thoughts play out and we choose to laugh at them. Furthermore, laughing at our perceptions brings out compassion from within. We can give ourselves a good chuckle on the ‘could’a/should’a/would’a’ for trying to get us hooked on a bad feeling.

We can allow ourselves to sink into the joy or bliss that we are at any instant or moment. If we are not able to laugh at our thoughts, it’s as if they own us. However, doing something gets easier once we get to laugh. We simply work or do activities without obliging or berating ourselves. Missing a day, week or month can be something we care less about. So, let the thoughts pass and find joy with whatever we are doing.

If we don’t allow ourselves to get released from concepts of debt, we are allowing more illusions of misery and guilt. To get released is saying, “I’m making this up so I can get this feeling.” It takes attention over time to get used to it.

Attention is taking whatever upset feeling arises and using it for forgiveness. It is admitting, “I am making this up for this feeling.” By doing so, we can see through the feeling and not have ideas about trying to make things happen to ourselves. We can only recognize things are happening for us.

Live free in the moment

The world is for demonstrating in our minds we are free. So, live free in the moment without projections. The projections are for resurrection, for more bliss. Bliss is the reality of who we are. The reason it can’t be seen is because there is preference for seeing something else, for making worldly illusions true.

Believing in illusions is like giving faith to the thoughts crossing in our minds. However, thoughts can come and go and shift in an instant. So, it is okay to admit, “I would rather see this than the truth,” because the thought is just for a moment. We can call it out anytime and we can do so for as long as we want because at any moment too, thoughts can change.

See those projections

Perceptions can shift so fast. So, we can choose what’s true in the midst of perceiving concepts that are manifesting. When we get the feeling effect, our actions are taken care of. All we have to do is realize our projections then, what’s meant will take place. The only choices we have is to project or allow healing.

Together for eternity

Existence is not the existence we believe as stoppable by death. We are never separate from our loved ones for eternity. The idea of them being vulnerable to time, aging, death, illness, accidents, sadness, and seeing them the way we do are the ones not existing.

So, when we feel sad about the idea of the existence of our loved ones, we can get the feeling effect of the sadness and see through it. It is for us to recognize the people close to us have not and will never change. Their reality is always protected.