The Spiritual Aspect of Parenting | WD

Being around people is like parenting ourselves because we don’t fully know who we are. So, Hope and her panelists, Laurie Thiboutot, Bob Shine (and later, with Yulia Shevchenko and Alana Saab) demonstrate to us that we are divine.
In this episode of Wisdom Dialogues, receive insights on the following:

  • Seeing an alternative to disciplining children
  • Undoing the habit of children attention-seeking behaviors
  • Communicating to children how to flourish in a world full of freedom and choice.
  • Overcoming a child’s lack of self-confidence

There are parents who can’t see freedom to see the love for themselves and can’t help but put restrictions on their children for their bad behavior. They discipline or punish their kids to teach them a lesson.

Hope explains that it is a parents’ demonstration that they are unworthy of love which is projected to their kids. We can feel if we want to discipline, punish or teach someone a lesson by watching. It is not about not giving punishments at all or negating what we practice at home but to help us see how our energy plays out.

Hope encourages us to watch our feelings and find out how we feel about our children’s behavior. By doing so, we will see if our words or actions are coming from love and acceptance or trying to manipulate something.

Sometimes, children unwittingly annoy others to put restrictions on them.

When this happens, Hope says to notice how the children’s energy is used and not get into it with them. What makes such behavior a problem is feeling that it is wrong. We may or may not find what we need to say about it. When we believe it is up to us what, how and when to say something, we have lost connection with our spirit. There is nothing for us to do and we don’t have responsibility in the world because it is all being done for us. It is playing thru the body sense that will allow love and compassion to play out. It is all about energy being made manifest which is also a thought.

The habit of children annoying others for attention can be undone.

Hope shares that to undo such conditioning is to demonstrate that the behavior is nothing to us. It is not being stoic and not doing anything about it but, it is recognizing that we make it a problem. Projecting to our children that their behavior is a big deal is the ego convincing us. However, the spirt voice tells us that everyone has an innocent mind.

Nothing is wrong but the ego pops out thoughts in our minds that says we screwed up, we made a mistake or we are in trouble. However, when we see through our third eye how our energy plays, we realize we are just making these thoughts up. So, we need to just keep feeling and practice getting the feeling-effect.

Q: I have an 8 year-old son and I have not yet figured out how to communicate with him to allow him to flourish in a world full of freedom and choice.

Hope answers that we don’t have to know how to communicate. We need to admit that we don’t know how to. Real communication is receiving the love of God but people are scared to lose closeness to others. However, we feel closer to them by appreciating their uniqueness. The only way we get connected with one another is thru our spirit. To be connected thru our spirit is to admit when something seems wrong, we are just making it up. Then, we get the feeling effect and realize it is not reality. Through this, things arise and pass very quickly.

Q: I realize how much my words impacted my kids and it is hard. My son held on to my negative words and now, lacks self-confidence.

When we believe that it is hard, it seems like something went wrong. In reality, nothing happened. When we think our kids are this or that way because of us, we give credence to the ego. We say it is hard because we project the past into the present. Being in the now means we are recognizing that we are making our guilty, upset or fearful thoughts up.

The perceived lack of confidence is a perceived error and our kids perceive it in theirselves too. When we say what occurred before can have a real effect just makes it real. It is better not to buy into this belief by willingly see that nothing happened.

Hope reminds us to let things unfold naturally. We can relax by admitting we don’t know what’s going on. Thinking that we know only comes the feeling of pressure and being a victim. It is up to us to let our energy play out and allow the natural flow of things. When the ego also continues with the thoughts it convinces us then, we just laugh about it.

In conclusion…

When we see the truth, thoughts about our past and projections of the future do not pain us like they used to. Once our perceptions shift and we start recognizing that we have the choice to listen to our spirit voice, we feel comfort and safety. When we come to this realization, it is like glass shattering into pieces to an enlightenment.