ACIM Applied to Everyday Life

ACIM Applied to Everyday Life

Hope Johnson Hope Johnson
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Are you seeking clarity in your everyday life? Are you curious about the ways A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teachings can be practically applied to daily experiences? If so, you might want to experience Hope Johnson.

Hope has been using ACIM as her main spiritual practice since 2014. Before her interaction with ACIM, she studied many modalities, scriptures, and spiritual practices. Reading ACIM brought it all together for Hope and permanently tuned her mind to a higher frequency.

Hope's ACIM Offerings...

Hope offers a wealth of resources on her website, allowing interested individuals to delve deeper into the teachings of ACIM. These resources include videos, podcasts, and live dialogues, each providing unique insights into the practical application of ACIM principles.

One of the remarkable aspects of Hope's work is how she has managed to incorporate the teachings of ACIM into her parenting approach. In her groundbreaking book, "Unschooling for Parents," Hope shares her journey of applying ACIM principles to parenting. Her book serves as an enlightening guide for parents who are looking to navigate the challenges of raising children while adhering to spiritual principles.

free ACIM lessons

For those seeking more personalized guidance, Hope offers Clarity and Release sessions. These sessions are designed to clarify the difference between truth and illusion and show you how to release worldly seeking, ego, guilt, illusions, judgment, responsibility, and more. They are simple, relaxing, and can have profound effects on your understanding of yourself and the world around you. You can schedule a one-to-one Clarity and Release session with Hope online via Zoom at this link.

Hope's essential oil blends can be used to enhance your daily ACIM practice by inspiring a calming atmosphere that allows you to focus on the teachings and principles of ACIM. The unique combinations of pure, therapeutic botanical oils in Hope’s essential oil blends can aid in relaxing the mind, opening the heart, and promoting a sense of peace and harmony. Discover Miracle Botanicals.

In conclusion, whether you're new to ACIM or have been practicing for years, Hope Johnson provides valuable resources and guidance to help you apply these teachings to your everyday life. From her insightful videos and podcasts to her transformative book and personal sessions, Hope Johnson truly brings ACIM to life.

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