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As of July 12, 2021 I’m offering Wisdom Dialogues Online from 3pm to approximately 5pm on Zoom. Follow this link to register and join me.

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The sweet, kind, loving woman I have come to know, I can’t express the love I have for her throughout this body. She has shown me nothing but pure love, compassion and joy! She delivers the message of Guilt being the obstacle to realizing who I really am, in a fun loving way that has made facing it all easy to accept.

Her no nonsense way of getting me to be completely honest is what I’m starting to do with others myself. Deep honesty and a willingness to SEE what’s really happening has changed the way I experience life. The best, simple instructions of, “It’s ok” and “Nothing is a bummer” has stopped this mind from believing it’s in control and making “me”a victim of life.

Her unwavering pointing every single week has been instrumental in “my” seeing life clearly instead of through the EGO mind. I have nothing but wonderful thoughts/feelings when I hear her name and you’ll see me each Tuesday continuing this journey of True Love with her if you tune in. 🙏😘❤️🌹

Laurie Thiboutot