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Book Signing at Private Residence

Book Signing at the residence of Pasquale and Kanani. I’m super excited to share my approach to parenting from a mystical perspective at my upcoming book signing. Instead of giving any specific parenting advice, in my talks and in my book, I offer assistance with uncovering and resolving the root cause of feeling stressed, worried, confused …

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Show Notes – Breaking the Money Illusion | WD

Do you believe you don’t lack money at all? In this episode of Wisdom Dialogues, Hope Johnson with panelists, Laurie Thibuotot and Bob Shine, share with us insights on why there is no such thing as a lack of money. They enlighten us where the feelings of scarcity come from and how we can face …

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Hope’s Social Media Digest, August 2019

Jump to Section: Consciousness | Worldly Seeking | Judgment | Ego | Body Illusion | True Identity | Responsibility | Relating | Guilt | Parenting Consciousness:God knows nothing of consciousness, where God's children go to sentence themselves to death.God maintains our reality beyond our decision to take on consciousness, and constantly communicates the truth to our shared mind.When …

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Hope’s Social Media Digest July 14 through July 30th

Jump to Section: Consciousness | Manifesting | Judgment | Ego | Illusions | Self Doubt | Responsibility | Relating | Guilt | Parenting Consciousness:The above diagram goes with this video: Consciousness and the Manifestation Trap Manifesting:Getting what you want is soooo overrated since you cannot possibly know what you really want.Knowing that you really want whatever you …

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unwitting sexualization children

The Unwitting Sexualization of Children

Many parents unwittingly sexualize their children because they are afraid of the child having sex too young or being sexually abused, and they don’t know how to take care of their fear. This is not about trying to avoid fearful effects, it’s about healing what causes fearful effects to manifest in the first place. The root …

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What Do You Really Want?

Taking toys away, or using other forms of manipulation (“discipline”) as a means of convincing your child to change their behavior, doesn’t solve anything. It may seem to affect their behavior and help you feel better in the short term. But it denies your potential to feel good regardless of how your child acts while demonstrating to …

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What Are You Really Feeding Them

Just because you bought into the idea that food has real effects on the body doesn't mean you have to hand down that painful self-belief to your kids, as if it's true. In fact, it's irresponsible to make yourself or your kids responsible for what you seem to put into your bodies, and teaching that to your kids only encourages …

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Vaccine Deception

I can see why having an experience of vaccines causing harm would make it seem as if vaccines are a real threat. I also understand that healing the root cause of perceiving harm and threat of harm in the world is not for everyone at this time. Most people would rather make threats and harmful things real and then …

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Gail is a regular listener of Wisdom Dialogues and enjoys writing and sharing her perspective of the show.

Be Ageless, Be a Bundle of Joy

This post is a follow-up to Hope's Wisdom Dialogues Episode Called "One Thing, One Purpose", written by Gail Florence. Ever remember your parents describing you as a bundle of joy? When we were swaddled in a baby wrap looking like a bundle and sleeping soundly in the arms of our mom or dad, for …

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Lack of Money is Nonsense

We may not stop negative situations out there. What we can do is to change our perceptions, how we view ourselves and what surrounds us and undo guilt-inducing projections. For example, if we feel guilty the moment we think of money, we can contemplate on it, look into where the feeling is coming from and …

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A Spiritual View on Parenting

Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful gifts of our existence. It is the sole opportunity to produce a new life, see it grow, and nurture it even after it can create a new life, too. Even after allowing children their independence, parents are parents for a lifetime.

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Freeing Tension From The Mind

Freeing the Mind from Tension

Our minds are constantly playing past and future thoughts. Upon waking up, we think about what we will do throughout the day. As the day passes by, we either have thoughts about yesterday or wonder about the future.

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