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In this episode of Wisdom Dialogues, Hope Johnson shares inspiring insights on different questions and scenarios on recognizing our innermost feelings and healing them with others. Some of the topics discussed are:

  • What can we do about judgment and tolerance?
  • Why do we project a scenario just to get a feeling?
  • Does it make a difference whether I have an emotionally charged reaction rather than staying calm and connected?
  • How do we attack our bodies?
  • Why do we still have experience of body fat, death, being not enough, bad relationships and the like?
  • What is resisting the moment?

Question (Q): What happens when we feel upset? What can we do about judgment and tolerance?

The people around us are reflections of ourselves. So, when we feel upset, they are mirroring it, too. When we recognize that, we can take responsibility for the healing among ourselves and others. The cause of the upset feeling is undone when it is acknowledged other people didn’t do anything and it is just a projection.

So, thoughts of judgement and intolerance can just occur in our minds or projected from feeling. However, the reason we project is we think the thoughts are about us. It is as if we see these traits from others and think they must be ours. However, traits don’t belong to anyone. What is shown is we are buying into something about ourselves which we can give up.

Judgement occurring to us is a blessing because it gets undone when we are aware of it. We can stop believing in it and make another choice at any moment.

Scenario: My company had a personality workshop on who’s introverted and extroverted. However, I didn’t like the idea of being labeled into a personality type because I see myself in between. I felt like being labelled than being inclusive in the class. I started to recoil because I was getting mad and it made me think if it is just my perception or my energy. I didn’t feel excited like the others. What is it about? What am I projecting?
Basically, we are perceiving feelings, and everything else are interpretations of our emotions. We can’t come into contact with others unless there is potential for healing one another. We are sensing with other people and it is a healing opportunity in our minds that is not separate with the people we perceive.
Instead, we can look at the energy playing. What is taking place is an emotional journey between love and fear. Feelings based on fear are hatred, greed, irritation and so on which we can heal with others anytime.

Furthermore, we can see concepts containing people into this or that as fun and entertaining. However, getting angry at it signifies it is being taken as real or maybe, threatening. Normally, when we feel upset, there is a sense of threat. It is the underlying belief keeping the whole world of separation going. The reason we have to run into a make-believe world is to escape the threat.

So, when we get a sense of irritation, we can be open to see what’s causing it. We need to be willing to surrender to the feeling. It is like we are dismissing the messenger by just feeling the feeling and knowing we projected the entire scenario to get the feeling.

Q: Why do we project a scenario just to get a feeling?

It because of what it is for. When the feeling arises, it gives the opportunity for healing it. It is like a miracle because it changes the way we look at the world and who we are. An upset feeling makes us take ourselves as small. However, it an opportunity for us to recognize it and the thoughts we are holding against ourselves. It is an illusion for undoing the guilty self-concept.

Rather, we are on a feeling-ride. Whatever feeling is coming up for us, other people are getting it equally. When we are in projecting mode with other people, they are also sensing it. So, we can withdraw from such energy by allowing ourselves to getting the feeling as it is.

Q: Does it make a difference whether I have an emotionally charged reaction rather than staying calm and connected?

It is all for learning so, however we react, let it occur. So, for example, when our minds are calm, we will stay calm and have the perception of it, too.

The way we react on the surface, to our emotion is not our choice. How we see our reaction is where we have a choice. It means, we remember we are on an energy ride, nothing is happening, we have dominion over our thoughts and we are not a victim of anything.

Q: How do we attack our bodies?

When we find ourselves in a body, we make it seem real. When we see we don’t have a choice on the surface then, we can use all our perceptions for healing. However, when misperceiving is permitted, basically, it is like an attack in the body.

The thoughts we believe make our bodies into something it is not. They are the cause for the body appearing at all and for it to get sick, old, weak or pass away. Nothing or nobody wears us out, only our belief in our thoughts.
When we want to see sickness to heal quickly, we can admit from moment to moment that it is only coming from our minds and we have complete dominion over it. Once the body is being perceived ill, it is all mental commentary more than taking a certain medication for recovery. When we have a hopeful thought and believe in it, we are making the body real and setting it up for sickness. Perceptionaly, it can’t have any sickness at all.

Comment: God is too pure to behold inequity. If we are innocent and pure, we see it wherever we go. Whatever is within we is what we are seeing outside as well.

Whenever we see something as not innocent, we can embrace the feeling within ourselves. It is a matter of getting the feeling of it and knowing we have dominion over it. We are given the power to see through it, and it is how it gets real forgiveness.

Scenario: I experience bloating in my belly some nights. How do I make the painful bloating go away?

The question is coming from an angle which is not helpful because it is focusing on the physical symptom as if it is not a gift. Any physical symptom is a gift of awareness. So, what we want is recovery if we take the bloating as something we want to go away. We can take the mind’s magic trick for it.

If we really want to get to the core of how we perceive bloating, we won’t really care about it because it is not really happening. The bloating is a symbol to let us see what is for. So, all we have to do is look to our feeling and recognize we are making it up.

Q: Why do we still have experience of body fat, death, being not enough, bad relationships and the like?

We have such experiences so we can see through them. We are not given more than we can handle because we can see through. We know they don’t have any power to affect us. We can just get the feeling from them and let them all pass.

Q: What is resisting the moment?

Resisting the moment is a habit pattern. Our special relationships are set-up for resisting and we can watch it. It is a gift. It is symbolizes what thoughts we believe in. When it arises in us, we can embrace it and we can feel good from it.

We interact with one another to see where our resistance is and we heal it together. Calmness comes from the willingness to embrace it. Naturally, we are calm and in reality, there is no resistance. We are just making it up. It is symbolic of the guilty thought we are separate. We don’t even need to think we need something. It only makes us dependent which we don’t have to. We can just recognize and embrace our feelings of resistance.

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