Book Signing at Private Residence

Mysticism and spiritual awareness with mystical Teacher Hope Johnson

August 19, 2019 6:00 pm UTC-8

Pasquale & Kanani Residence

334 Laguna Glen Drive, Henderson, Nevada


Book Signing at the residence of Pasquale and Kanani.

I’m super excited to share my approach to parenting from a mystical perspective at my upcoming book signing. Instead of giving any specific parenting advice, in my talks and in my book, I offer assistance with uncovering and resolving the root cause of feeling stressed, worried, confused and/or overburdened as a parent.  

As a mother to 11, 17 and 27 year old children, I drawn upon my own experience and the mystical wisdom that guided me from relating with my children through conceptual programming to relating with them through gentleness, freedom, fearlessness and certainty.   

I’m happy and honored to share with those who are ready for profound transformation in their relationships with their children and with the child within.  

This is at a private residence. Please call the host to RSVP and get gate code.

Hope Johnson
Pahoa, HI

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