It is All a Benefit

It is all a Benefit
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This post is a follow-up to Hope’s Wisdom Dialogues Episode Called Everything is A Benefit, written by Gail Florence.

In these times, there is so much emphasis on sexual sin, molestation, child abuse, sex trafficking and so on that, we are in constant fear of living in a perverse culture.

But, all of these concepts are just projected from our minds. Perversion of any kind has no place in a sane mind. Only the insane one allows such thoughts to persist over and over again. It does not mean when you think of sexual ideas or crimes, you automatically have an insane mind. No, but it is an opportunity to bring that darkness into awareness. No one belongs to a culture because culture, itself, is a projection.

Separation from reality

Paranoia and worry brought by negative ideas stem from a self-belief that you separated yourself from reality. Though the truth is we are not separate, we feel that way because we strongly believe it. Once you start getting worried about society, you notice the situations that make you worry, doubling the fear you are feeling. We are entangled on these thoughts because the world wants to prove that we are separate from reality. This separation is the cause of paranoia. We fear we will lose our image in this world so, we fear death and believe in karma and having multiple lifetimes.

We believe we are punishable by death whenever we get uncomfortable or painful feelings. The fear of losing the world and it’s very strong defenses set up by the ego make us choose to follow its guidance. The ego presents to us illusions like a dreadful world full of violence and abuse, mortal sins and death as a life sentence. Choosing to yield to the ego allows constant feelings of despair, depression, guilt, and fear.

But all of us have our own perceptions. A person may be paranoid about violent crimes but another can simply brush off the thought and go on with the day as if nothing is happening. Our minds create ideas that make us believe some things are bad and others are good. However, reality is, nothing is good or bad, right or wrong, black or white.

Sex matters..?

When we speak of sex, either as a sin that makes us feel guilty or as a beautiful act to reproduce offspring, it is all perception. Sex matters because we and society at large put so much meaning and worth to it.

Truth is, sex is nothing. It’s equal to other actions that humans can do like eat, walk, pray, sleep, play and so on. Singling sex out by labeling it as a mortal sin or as the most beautiful thing in evolution is just an ILLUSION. It is not ugly nor wonderful. It is nothing and it doesn’t matter else, we are just making the illusion of sex stronger and powerful.

Healing comes in when we undo our self-belief and see the illusion as one thing. When we start to see our experiences as a benefit, sufferings are opportunities for learning rather than punishment of a lifetime guilt.

How do we practice seeing everything as a benefit? We thank our experiences and encounters. We accept them with grateful hearts and look at them in neutral lenses. Even when you find yourself projecting, you don’t need to be fearful about it.

When you start noticing how you express sadness or anger, you are preventing the guilty self-belief. You are just identifying who you truly are even as you’re projecting. This practice lessens the power of the projection and you reclaimed your power from it. No matter how much projections play out in your mind, they are not going anywhere unless you start believing them again. Remember, you are learning when you consider everything around you as a benefit.

The beauty of healing within us reflects how we see others, as well. We allow ourselves to be free from prejudice and see another person for who he is. Everyone that you think of or approaches you will seem to ask you to show them their innocence. Because of the fact that you are innocent, you have the power to show them your innocence.