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In this week’s episode, Hope Johnson talks about releasing the physical tension brought by the mind, complex concepts on spirituality, perceptions on ourselves and relationships, and the meaning of a free mind.
With panelists Lorry Thiboutot and Bob Shine, catch wisdom on the following:

  • How Lorry can overcome her current fearful feelings
  • How Bob can undo his mind from complex concepts
  • How to trust your partner
  • What is denying the evidence
  • How to be free in the mind
  • What happens when there is undoing and no guilt in the mind

Update on Lorry’s current feelings and thoughts

Lorry gives an update about her current thought-process. She notices a pattern where upon waking up, she is fearful about her future which she feels in her solar plexus. Then, it decreases as the day goes on as she is busy. She feels pain from all the thoughts she is having. Now, she has compassion for the people who went thru the same circumstance.

Hope agrees that people create distractions for them to escape the pain they are feeling. She encourages Lorry to take a step back and just watch the fearful Lorry. She will realize that the fearful-self projection doesn’t have an effect on her. It is just that the illusion shows it is reality because Lorry may be identifying with it. Once she is aware of herself and what the manifestation can do, it doesn’t appeal anymore.

Hope also reassures Lorry that it is alright if now, she can’t get back to the way she was. It is still a benefit, the blessing is coming and she can always ask for help. She has two choices on how to seek help – to change the illusion which brings more pain or see who she truly is that will take her back to her core.

Lorry doesn’t have to put any time limit for the healing. She just needs the Holy Spirit to let it unfold as it knows how to use its own time. Hope encourages her to stay in the asking or question with no judgment or her own answers until she is clear about it and shares the perceptions of the Holy spirit. When it happens, she will not have any questions anymore.

Staying in the question means, “I am not making my own conclusion about this or not leaning to my own understanding in this limited mind just because I am upset or fearful. (H.J., 2019)”

Hope continues to reassures Lorry that all feelings will pass. When someone gets a grip of reality and looks for different ways where fear comes up, the ego is getting undone and becomes big. It is a major change and opportunity for Lorry to take in step-by-step.

When Lorry recognizes that it is all ego-play, her upset feelings will lighten. Whenever the projections disturb her, she just needs to take a step back from the temptation of making them meaningful for her. Through that, she can receive all the power and glory of who she is.

When the mind is gripping with illusions, the body tenses up. It is helpful to let the body rest by taking deep breaths and watching where the tension is until it gets released. When thoughts come in, the tension happens again. All tension comes from the mind.

Lastly, Hope encourages Lorry to just let her body rest from all the tension to get its healing. She says, “Resting the body is resting the mind. (H.J., 2019)”

Bob Shine’s shares about complex concepts of heaven and spirituality

Hope answers that these complexities is for him not to see the present. What is important is how the concepts are used. If it allows him to see through the guilty self-concept and offer up the hurt, wounded or upset feeling then, it is a benefit.

His mind longs for who he is and it is better to let the feeling guide him back to it. Words are meaningless because it is all about energy. If he sees what’s upsetting him, it is where healing takes place.

Q: I have perceptions that men are not all the same and I am beginning to trust that there is a conscious relationship. Men love to be monogamous and show it thru their energy. I am now in a relationship and have perceptions of jealousy and insecurity. It is difficult to trust my partner especially when he clarifies that my perceptions of him looking at other women are different from what he perceives. I just want to stop being distrustful.

Hope says that the trust in this situation is misplaced because there is an attachment to a sole person. However, this is an attachment to the person’s perception of her partner being in a certain way. Her wanting for her partner to be monogamous makes her see the world as opposite to it.

Hope explains that there is nothing that says we need people to be a certain way. We are getting what we want to see.

She adds that there is no physical relationship that will give contentment. There is only one relationship which is with the spirit where real satisfaction or contentment comes from.

Q: Can you give a situation about denying evidence? If your partner sleeps with anybody, are you supposed to act like it is okay?

Hope answers that it is taking things in a materialistic way when we are not supposed to act anything. She clarifies that denying the evidence means we are denying how the perception affects us. Denying the evidence is denying that the illusion is causing us any pain.

It is not about manipulating the illusion. We simply need to watch our mind as people do what they want.

She assures that if we are aware of who we are, there is no need to deny the perception at all. We are able to handle things in the illusion because we have the dominion over it.

She explains that we need to take whatever we are feeling rather than suppressing whatever makes us uncomfortable like if our partner is checking or sleeping with other people.

We need to let our feelings play out. In that way, we are able to support the innocent manifestation. It is allowed to be loved, appreciated and accepted. If there is a perception about cheating and there is difficulty accepting it, we will find ourselves taking care about the feeling and we will know what to say.

We don’t need to put ourselves in something fearful. We simply follow our good guidance and be natural about our words and actions.

Hope Johnson adds, “Watch how much you will be supported when you are willing for your spirit to uplift or guide you. Watch how the spirit will put you in high regard when you are willing to put it in high regard. (H.J., 2019)”

Q: Am I able to tap to other’s energy and true intentions?

Hope answers that it is not about other’s energy and true intention but ours. If we have an intention to make ourselves small when we are dependent on someone’s treatment on us, it is going to be reflected to us that other people have wrong intentions.

Truth is, no one’s doing anything. Our perceptions are symbolic on how we regard our spirit. How we respond is how we regard it.

Q: I just want to be in a relationship where I want to be worthy and my man’s intention is only with me.

Hope says that there’s wanting manifested. It is a symbol of wanting to be who we are. Let people have the intentions they want. It has nothing to do with us. We are being drawn to them so we can recognize we are worthy of so much more. If it doesn’t work then, it doesn’t. It is just a matter of what works for us.

Q: If it is more money you want, it is poverty you are seeking. You can’t want more money when you are not projecting you are lacking.

Hope says that, “Trying to change the feeling to get more money will never work. The striving is coming from feeling of lack. Any appearance of abundance attained this way, will make the opposite of it. (H.J., 2019)”

Wanting is like a block to who we truly are. It is making ourselves into illusions of being lacking. When we realize what we want is reality, we won’t desire anything. The apparent wanting is just a symbol of wanting to be who we are.

Q: For the one who is free, there is no fear of the mind. How can we be free in the mind?

Hope says we are already free. Freeing the mind is letting the upset feeling rise, recognizing it and not pursuing the thoughts it plays out.

We need to take one step back, let the pursuit continue and burn out on its own. The good guide in the mind will show us what we are holding against ourselves. Our willingness to get the feeling will make us automatically see its release. If we do this over and over again, we will know we are not guilty and it is all energy-game.

The choice is seeing and seeing is releasing. The reason for not releasing is the avoidance of not seeing. The more willing we are to praise our spirit, our spirit will move us to take care of our self/body.

Q: What happens when there is undoing, no guilt in the mind? Does the body just die?

Hope explains that there is no body. When we find ourselves in reality, we will realize no one’s missing. We don’t have to be concerned about our loved ones making it. She say, “It is not like anyone’s going to be left here because here doesn’t exist. (H.J., 2019)”

She adds that we don’t need to be afraid of undoing the illusion. As illusion is getting undone, the dream’s going to work until it doesn’t. So, we just take it easy because all are going as they are.

In conclusion, she encourages us not to let the guilt creep up on us because we can’t get it wrong. All is going exactly as they need to be.

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