Freeing the Mind from Tension

Freeing Tension From The Mind

Freeing the Mind from Tension

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This post is a follow-up to Hope’s Wisdom Dialogues Episode Called Freeing Tension from the Mind, written by Gail Florence.

Our minds are constantly playing past and future thoughts. Upon waking up, we think about what we will do throughout the day. As the day passes by, we either have thoughts about yesterday or wonder about the future. Even as we sleep, our minds produce dreams, sometimes a marathon of them that we either remember or forget completely the next day. Our entire bodies are busy as we breathe especially the control center, our brains.

With the thoughts our minds present to us, there are emotions involved. There are images or dialogues we simply brush off, some we linger for a bit because of the happy, excited or comforting emotion they tag along and there are other thoughts we replay in our minds no matter how gripping, painful or guilt-inducing they are.

We don’t have a choice on the thoughts popping out in our minds and there’s nothing wrong with the mind functioning so. Our choice only boils down to two – is it love or fear we permit to extend?

When we choose love…

When it is love we choose, we are honest with our feelings, we are true to our being and we are open and accepting of others as they are. However, if we choose fear, we believe the illusions of the mind as reality. Illusions make us feel guilty, anxious, insecure, hostile, and controlling. Despite these, we consider the negativity as normal or true.

As one entity, what the mind does affects our bodies. Our bodies respond to the fear brought by the illusions by tensing up. There is a tightening in our solar plexus, the muscles between the navel and the chest bone. Tension is even felt in other parts of the body like the thighs, hands, behind the ears or neck, or the back.

Thinking adds tensions

Our bodies are innocent and doesn’t need to feel any tension. However, thinking causes it to tense up. It signals an unwillingness to rest the body from the thoughts playing in the mind. There is a lot of undoing involved when we are in the grips of fearful thinking.

First, when an upsetting, fearful or guilt-inducing thought creeps up, accept, allow and see what happens rather than suppress it. When we are willing to get the feeling-effect of a concept, admit that we don’t know what’s going on and allow the spirit to take care of our feelings, it will bring us back to clarity.

Second, take a step back when feeling constantly upset, scared, anxious or guilty from illusory thoughts. Let the pursuit continue until it burns out on its own. The good guide in the mind will show us what we are holding against ourselves. Our willingness to get the feeling will make us immediately see its release. If we do this over and over again, we will know we are not guilty and it is all energy-game. Fear created by our thoughts is never going to have any effect on us. So, we don’t need to believe the illusions of the mind.

Third, we can always ask help outside our limited minds. It can be from a higher power that appeals to us. It is the kind of help where we ask to change the illusion so we can feel better temporarily or to see who we are taking us back to our core and ingenuity.

Undo our minds

We also need to remember we don’t need a time limit to undo our minds. It is unnecessary to push or force it. Whatever higher power we believe in, it is using time exactly as it needs to be used. We just need to let the thoughts unfold and stay in the asking until we are clear of our questions. Once we share the perception of the higher power, we don’t have any questions anymore and we don’t have to ask anything.

Lastly, when we feel any tension in our body, we simply take several deep breaths and observe where the tension is until it gets released. When thoughts come in, the tension rises again. When it happens, we just need to completely rest our bodies and allow it to float in space to get its healing.

Freeing the mind to allow the spirit to move

Freeing the mind is allowing our spirit to move and take care of the self. It will demonstrate its innocence which is worthy of love, care and support. When we are guided by our spirit, we will know what works for us and we are not fearful of any opinion or judgement. We are also not afraid of other people letting go of us. When we trust our spirit, we don’t have to play mind-games with ourselves and we become open and accepting. How we also respond to other people and circumstances is how we regard our spirit. So, when we are willing to put the spirit in high regard, it will also put us in high regard.

Show Notes – Freeing Tension from the Mind | WD

Wisdom Dialogues - Freeing the mind from Tension

In this week’s episode, Hope Johnson talks about releasing the physical tension brought by the mind, complex concepts on spirituality, perceptions on ourselves and relationships, and the meaning of a free mind.
With panelists Lorry Thiboutot and Bob Shine, catch wisdom on the following:

  • How Lorry can overcome her current fearful feelings
  • How Bob can undo his mind from complex concepts
  • How to trust your partner
  • What is denying the evidence
  • How to be free in the mind
  • What happens when there is undoing and no guilt in the mind

Update on Lorry’s current feelings and thoughts

Lorry gives an update about her current thought-process. She notices a pattern where upon waking up, she is fearful about her future which she feels in her solar plexus. Then, it decreases as the day goes on as she is busy. She feels pain from all the thoughts she is having. Now, she has compassion for the people who went thru the same circumstance.

Hope agrees that people create distractions for them to escape the pain they are feeling. She encourages Lorry to take a step back and just watch the fearful Lorry. She will realize that the fearful-self projection doesn’t have an effect on her. It is just that the illusion shows it is reality because Lorry may be identifying with it. Once she is aware of herself and what the manifestation can do, it doesn’t appeal anymore.

Hope also reassures Lorry that it is alright if now, she can’t get back to the way she was. It is still a benefit, the blessing is coming and she can always ask for help. She has two choices on how to seek help – to change the illusion which brings more pain or see who she truly is that will take her back to her core.

Lorry doesn’t have to put any time limit for the healing. She just needs the Holy Spirit to let it unfold as it knows how to use its own time. Hope encourages her to stay in the asking or question with no judgment or her own answers until she is clear about it and shares the perceptions of the Holy spirit. When it happens, she will not have any questions anymore.

Staying in the question means, “I am not making my own conclusion about this or not leaning to my own understanding in this limited mind just because I am upset or fearful. (H.J., 2019)”

Hope continues to reassures Lorry that all feelings will pass. When someone gets a grip of reality and looks for different ways where fear comes up, the ego is getting undone and becomes big. It is a major change and opportunity for Lorry to take in step-by-step.

When Lorry recognizes that it is all ego-play, her upset feelings will lighten. Whenever the projections disturb her, she just needs to take a step back from the temptation of making them meaningful for her. Through that, she can receive all the power and glory of who she is.

When the mind is gripping with illusions, the body tenses up. It is helpful to let the body rest by taking deep breaths and watching where the tension is until it gets released. When thoughts come in, the tension happens again. All tension comes from the mind.

Lastly, Hope encourages Lorry to just let her body rest from all the tension to get its healing. She says, “Resting the body is resting the mind. (H.J., 2019)”

Bob Shine’s shares about complex concepts of heaven and spirituality

Hope answers that these complexities is for him not to see the present. What is important is how the concepts are used. If it allows him to see through the guilty self-concept and offer up the hurt, wounded or upset feeling then, it is a benefit.

His mind longs for who he is and it is better to let the feeling guide him back to it. Words are meaningless because it is all about energy. If he sees what’s upsetting him, it is where healing takes place.

Q: I have perceptions that men are not all the same and I am beginning to trust that there is a conscious relationship. Men love to be monogamous and show it thru their energy. I am now in a relationship and have perceptions of jealousy and insecurity. It is difficult to trust my partner especially when he clarifies that my perceptions of him looking at other women are different from what he perceives. I just want to stop being distrustful.

Hope says that the trust in this situation is misplaced because there is an attachment to a sole person. However, this is an attachment to the person’s perception of her partner being in a certain way. Her wanting for her partner to be monogamous makes her see the world as opposite to it.

Hope explains that there is nothing that says we need people to be a certain way. We are getting what we want to see.

She adds that there is no physical relationship that will give contentment. There is only one relationship which is with the spirit where real satisfaction or contentment comes from.

Q: Can you give a situation about denying evidence? If your partner sleeps with anybody, are you supposed to act like it is okay?

Hope answers that it is taking things in a materialistic way when we are not supposed to act anything. She clarifies that denying the evidence means we are denying how the perception affects us. Denying the evidence is denying that the illusion is causing us any pain.

It is not about manipulating the illusion. We simply need to watch our mind as people do what they want.

She assures that if we are aware of who we are, there is no need to deny the perception at all. We are able to handle things in the illusion because we have the dominion over it.

She explains that we need to take whatever we are feeling rather than suppressing whatever makes us uncomfortable like if our partner is checking or sleeping with other people.

We need to let our feelings play out. In that way, we are able to support the innocent manifestation. It is allowed to be loved, appreciated and accepted. If there is a perception about cheating and there is difficulty accepting it, we will find ourselves taking care about the feeling and we will know what to say.

We don’t need to put ourselves in something fearful. We simply follow our good guidance and be natural about our words and actions.

Hope Johnson adds, “Watch how much you will be supported when you are willing for your spirit to uplift or guide you. Watch how the spirit will put you in high regard when you are willing to put it in high regard. (H.J., 2019)”

Q: Am I able to tap to other’s energy and true intentions?

Hope answers that it is not about other’s energy and true intention but ours. If we have an intention to make ourselves small when we are dependent on someone’s treatment on us, it is going to be reflected to us that other people have wrong intentions.

Truth is, no one’s doing anything. Our perceptions are symbolic on how we regard our spirit. How we respond is how we regard it.

Q: I just want to be in a relationship where I want to be worthy and my man’s intention is only with me.

Hope says that there’s wanting manifested. It is a symbol of wanting to be who we are. Let people have the intentions they want. It has nothing to do with us. We are being drawn to them so we can recognize we are worthy of so much more. If it doesn’t work then, it doesn’t. It is just a matter of what works for us.

Q: If it is more money you want, it is poverty you are seeking. You can’t want more money when you are not projecting you are lacking.

Hope says that, “Trying to change the feeling to get more money will never work. The striving is coming from feeling of lack. Any appearance of abundance attained this way, will make the opposite of it. (H.J., 2019)”

Wanting is like a block to who we truly are. It is making ourselves into illusions of being lacking. When we realize what we want is reality, we won’t desire anything. The apparent wanting is just a symbol of wanting to be who we are.

Q: For the one who is free, there is no fear of the mind. How can we be free in the mind?

Hope says we are already free. Freeing the mind is letting the upset feeling rise, recognizing it and not pursuing the thoughts it plays out.

We need to take one step back, let the pursuit continue and burn out on its own. The good guide in the mind will show us what we are holding against ourselves. Our willingness to get the feeling will make us automatically see its release. If we do this over and over again, we will know we are not guilty and it is all energy-game.

The choice is seeing and seeing is releasing. The reason for not releasing is the avoidance of not seeing. The more willing we are to praise our spirit, our spirit will move us to take care of our self/body.

Q: What happens when there is undoing, no guilt in the mind? Does the body just die?

Hope explains that there is no body. When we find ourselves in reality, we will realize no one’s missing. We don’t have to be concerned about our loved ones making it. She say, “It is not like anyone’s going to be left here because here doesn’t exist. (H.J., 2019)”

She adds that we don’t need to be afraid of undoing the illusion. As illusion is getting undone, the dream’s going to work until it doesn’t. So, we just take it easy because all are going as they are.

In conclusion, she encourages us not to let the guilt creep up on us because we can’t get it wrong. All is going exactly as they need to be.

Communication thru Energy

Communication Thru Energy - WD Blog

This post is a follow-up to Hope’s Wisdom Dialogues Episode Called Recognizing Ego Temptations, written by Gail Florence.

Have you ever observed in a job interview, you’re doing your best to hide your nervousness but still the interviewer notices it? Or when you argue with your husband and to just end it, you emotionlessly say, “Okay,” yet your husband continues to persuade you why he’s correct and you are not? Or when you say, “Sorry,” to a close friend halfheartedly and the friend notices your indifference and tells you your ‘sorry’ isn’t real?

After covering up our feelings with words, why do other people seem to react the way we truly feel? It is because we communicate through energy. Most of us are not aware or couldn’t accept it, but we connect with one another thru our energy which exudes our feelings. So, no matter what words we say, someone will reflect the emotion behind our words and show us what we truly feel inside.

This makes our words meaningless. Nothing we say is true. To give an example, if we are connected to our feelings, our ‘sure’ can be an extension of love. However, in a different circumstance, it can be a projection. We will know it is a projection thru the reaction of the people surrounding us. So, when someone reacts negatively when we utter, “Sure,” it can be a reflection of suppressed fear, disagreement, or hostility of the situation. It is like other people are mirrors of our genuine feelings.

The Ego’s Temptation

These projections expressed thru words are the ego’s temptation for conflict. Instead of being true to our emotions, the ego makes us say something to create a disturbance within our minds and our relationships. It plays different thoughts, concepts, beliefs or ideas and it always tempts us to get these illusions validated. Rather than being in-tuned to our feelings, it tells us to manifest the opposite to test these illusions which only results to conflicts.

It’s a defense of the ego to make us believe that the illusions are real. So, we project them thru our words and actions. It convinces us that our negative thoughts, sense of guilt and shame are reality. Naturally, we follow such guidance because we believe the reality created by the ego is true.

Listening to the voice of the ego only paves way for problems to arise and when our suppressed feelings are reflected by our loved ones thru their reactions, the problems just escalate. It is also a way for the ego to make trifle things a big deal when, in the first place, there is nothing to make a big deal.

However, conflicts are necessary for our learning. It will show us the workings of our minds. It is self-talk going back and forth. When we look at conflicts this way, we realize they arise from our fears. At first, we will feel scared ones recognition takes place. It is certainly alright. What’s essential is to take care of our fearful feelings.

We are Fearful, When…

We will know we are fearful when, physically, there is a constriction in our solar plexus, the area between the navel and the breastbone. When we go thru the emotion, it will help to reflect on what’s holding us back before launching an attack or defiance against the thoughts our ego will produce. Being aware of the reasons that make us scared, anxious, depressed or guilty will help us get in-tuned to our true feelings. It will guide us to return to our core and connect with our energy.

All we need to do is to get the feeling-effect of our thoughts and watch how our energy flows and be natural about it. For example, when someone wronged us, this idea is connected with a feeling and we need to recognize, accept and take care of it. Getting the feeling effect will help us realize that the conflicts our mind kept playing or taking place in our relationships are projections. They are manifestations of our ego but they also serve as an eye-opener for the reasons that are withholding us. So, recognizing the emotions hidden in our thoughts and beliefs is a benefit.

When we are in-tuned to our feelings or to who we truly are, we get the guidance to love. Through this guidance, we speak or act in ways that extend love and calm any situation. When we communicate love through our energy, our body, relationships and spirit are completely protected. There is no need for us to impose on another person any concept, idea or teaching. It is unnecessary for us to test or validate the ego’s illusions. It is also meaningless to manifest an image of being spiritual or anything opposite the truth of our being.

Remember, we always have the option to return to our core anytime. It doesn’t matter how far we allowed our egoistic thinking to play in our minds. If we are willing to recognize its healing and its illusions have no effect, complete forgiveness takes place. We also have a choice to laugh which is also a feeling. So, when the going gets tough, laugh about it. Recognize the feeling underneath a disturbance, accept it, take care of it and laugh it away.

It is All a Benefit

It is all a Benefit

This post is a follow-up to Hope’s Wisdom Dialogues Episode Called Everything is A Benefit, written by Gail Florence.

In these times, there is so much emphasis on sexual sin, molestation, child abuse, sex trafficking and so on that, we are in constant fear of living in a perverse culture.

But, all of these concepts are just projected from our minds. Perversion of any kind has no place in a sane mind. Only the insane one allows such thoughts to persist over and over again. It does not mean when you think of sexual ideas or crimes, you automatically have an insane mind. No, but it is an opportunity to bring that darkness into awareness. No one belongs to a culture because culture, itself, is a projection.

Separation from reality

Paranoia and worry brought by negative ideas stem from a self-belief that you separated yourself from reality. Though the truth is we are not separate, we feel that way because we strongly believe it. Once you start getting worried about society, you notice the situations that make you worry, doubling the fear you are feeling. We are entangled on these thoughts because the world wants to prove that we are separate from reality. This separation is the cause of paranoia. We fear we will lose our image in this world so, we fear death and believe in karma and having multiple lifetimes.

We believe we are punishable by death whenever we get uncomfortable or painful feelings. The fear of losing the world and it’s very strong defenses set up by the ego make us choose to follow its guidance. The ego presents to us illusions like a dreadful world full of violence and abuse, mortal sins and death as a life sentence. Choosing to yield to the ego allows constant feelings of despair, depression, guilt, and fear.

But all of us have our own perceptions. A person may be paranoid about violent crimes but another can simply brush off the thought and go on with the day as if nothing is happening. Our minds create ideas that make us believe some things are bad and others are good. However, reality is, nothing is good or bad, right or wrong, black or white.

Sex matters..?

When we speak of sex, either as a sin that makes us feel guilty or as a beautiful act to reproduce offspring, it is all perception. Sex matters because we and society at large put so much meaning and worth to it.

Truth is, sex is nothing. It’s equal to other actions that humans can do like eat, walk, pray, sleep, play and so on. Singling sex out by labeling it as a mortal sin or as the most beautiful thing in evolution is just an ILLUSION. It is not ugly nor wonderful. It is nothing and it doesn’t matter else, we are just making the illusion of sex stronger and powerful.

Healing comes in when we undo our self-belief and see the illusion as one thing. When we start to see our experiences as a benefit, sufferings are opportunities for learning rather than punishment of a lifetime guilt.

How do we practice seeing everything as a benefit? We thank our experiences and encounters. We accept them with grateful hearts and look at them in neutral lenses. Even when you find yourself projecting, you don’t need to be fearful about it.

When you start noticing how you express sadness or anger, you are preventing the guilty self-belief. You are just identifying who you truly are even as you’re projecting. This practice lessens the power of the projection and you reclaimed your power from it. No matter how much projections play out in your mind, they are not going anywhere unless you start believing them again. Remember, you are learning when you consider everything around you as a benefit.

The beauty of healing within us reflects how we see others, as well. We allow ourselves to be free from prejudice and see another person for who he is. Everyone that you think of or approaches you will seem to ask you to show them their innocence. Because of the fact that you are innocent, you have the power to show them your innocence.

Show Notes – Recognizing Ego Temptations | WD

In this week’s episode of Wisdom Dialogues, Hope Johnson shares insight on projections, communication thru energy, and illusions as blocks to our flow. With guest panelist, Lorry Thiboutot. Receive wisdom on the following:

  • How did Lorry relieve her stress?
  • If food doesn’t affect our body, is it okay to eat an Orbeez?
  • How do you know you have the energy?
  • My husband feels like he is stuck and depressed. Is it a reflection of myself on how husband feels? How do I deal with that?
  • How do we avoid conflict?
  • How far do you go in having fun and living it up? Is it okay to do drugs, drink alcohol and such activities?
  • How does a person make that transformation?
  • What feelings do you have? How do you go through your day? Do you think about your vibration?
  • What is truth?
  • What if I feel unsafe to trust the wisdom of the person?
  • How do I approach the pain?

Lorry’s Relief from Her Stressors

Lorry shares that she was going thru a hell of a week. She’s about to leave her abode and she was bombarded with fearful thoughts of losing her house, a sense of safety and the future. She never felt such fear where her stomach and legs tightened. It was getting worse day by day until she talked to Hope Johnson.

Hope Johnson consoles Lorry by saying she needed to go through all that to be knocked down and realize that it is the ego’s idea to sacrifice as if there’s truly something needed to be sacrificed. She adds that the divine doesn’t know the illusion Lorry makes in her mind. She is not receiving information from the divine because she chooses not to but instead, chooses to listen to the fearful thoughts generated by the ego. However, she reassures that everything is alright because it is all coming together. It is all a blessing.

Lorry shares that it is good to be back to her center. At first, it didn’t feel like a blessing. She didn’t have an appetite for the past few days. Hope answers that Lorry’s feelings were a symbol of excitement that she identified them as fear. Despite that, it is an opportunity to extend and express more love. Once the intense experience is released, all she will experience is a relief.

Lorry agrees that it was an unbelievable sense of relief. Her experience made her understand when people with depression run for medicine. Now, she has compassion for them.  

Hope explains that what people go thru are projections. However, deep within those illusions is innocence. They can lead to a miracle of healing. We can choose to let go of them anytime, choose the truth and allow ourselves to be released from them. However, when we think we don’t have a choice but only those projections, then, we become victims of our thoughts. We will only wait for good news to be in a good mood.

Hope also adds that the ego shows us that once we screw up, other things get screwed up, too. We need to recognize that it is a red flag. To get out of the rabbit hole of the ego, we need to realize that there is no right and wrong. (10:43-11:03) Once we understand our feelings, there is forgiveness like nothing happened. When we get relief from our fearful mode, there is so much love in the end. It is important for us to realize that we have the option to return to our core anytime no matter how far our ego makes us think. Our ego-thinking has no effects and we are completely forgiven by it.

Hope is not here to advise what we should or should not do. It is irrelevant because we don’t have a choice in those. She explains further that actions are symbolic of one’s thinking.  For example, we have a perception of putting someone in danger that is our thought giving us an illusion. We need to defy such thinking. We will know thru reactions when we are projecting.

Q: If food doesn’t affect our body, is it okay to eat an Orbeez?

Gabriela, a listener, recounts a situation at home where her four-year-old son was playing with Orbeez. She told her son that there is no such thing as good or bad food, nothing outside doesn’t affect the body. Her son, then, asked her if it is okay to eat an Orbeez. Hope answers Gabriela that it is unnecessary to teach a kid anything. There is no need to pretend that she can teach him something. What she says or does to another person is teaching her mind instead.

Then, Gabriela shares that her boyfriend went mad when she told her son it is okay to eat an Orbeez, creating a huge argument between them.

Hope explains that Gabriela didn’t do anything wrong. Believing so is the effect of the ego who wants to make conflict. What matters is getting a feeling reaction in the body. The fearful reaction is the temptation of the ego. Instead of taking care of the feeling, Gabriela spoke and said, “Sure.” She reminds us that nothing we say is true. Instead, we communicate thru energy. “Sure” can be an extension of love. However, Gabriela’s ‘sure’ could have been a projection. She would know it is a projection thru her boyfriend’s reaction.  

Hope says, “The ego will take on any kind of spiritual concept to make conflict. In Buddhism, when a concept is new, it needs to be protected like a baby plant. (H.J. 2019)” The world is made up, it has a lot of manifestation and full of the ego and these are the bugs surrounding the baby plant. When a concept is not yet nurtured, it needs to be loved up and taken care of.

The illusory world is based on the denial of who you are. We just need to take care of the fear. We will know we are fearful thru other people’s reactions. If they are scared, it reflects your feeling. Remember, the ego does not have full power over us. It is just our perception that it does.  

It is not about communicating thru words but communicating thru energy. When we are communicating love, no one will eat Orbeez and the body is completely protected.

Q: How do you know you have the energy?

Hope answers that we are always communicating with energy. Our words are meaningless. (35:07 – 35: 19) “What’s being communicated is love, other than that is projection making more illusions. (H.J., 2019)” We will know we are projecting illusions when we are fearful.

Most people do not know how to tune in with their energy. We will recognize our energy when we get the feeling effect. As words come out when we speak, we need to watch and feel our body’s energy. When there’s fear, our solar plexus area constricts. The solar plexus is between the navel and the breastbone. It has a lot of nerves. It is an energy center of the body.

It is between a sense of openness and receiving divine information and a closed-off sense. Our function is to remove the blocks in our feelings. When we sense something, get the feeling effect first. So that energy is cleared of it.  

Q: My husband feels like he is stuck and depressed. Is it a reflection of myself on how husband feels? How do I deal with that?

Hope answers Stacey by saying there’s a lot of fear going on there. She will know it through reaction. So, she needs to allow energy to play and herself to feel the effects. The first manifestation is the words she says. It will help her to think about what it feels like. If she allows the sensation, it will reveal the truth and she will get guidance to get to love. She will be made to speak and extend love and calm the situation. However, when something is going fast, the mind will say she needs to say something but there is no need to put herself in conflict. Doing so simply sets up for guilt and shame and the situation will just escalate. It is how the ego wants to get validated.  

Q: How do we avoid conflict?

Hope says that all conflicts come from fearful thoughts. When we get the feeling, we will get what we are holding against ourselves. We can avoid that by trying not to get there. She further reassures that conflict needs to arise for the teaching. When we have a conflicted mind, in return, we experience conflict in our lives.

Our ego will use spiritual concepts to make conflicts with other people. However, we are in a relationship with one another. The whole point is to extend love. When the person is fearful, there is no love but only projections and illusions. When we teach other’s minds, we are using our perceptions of ourselves. We need to recognize that it is just our perception. We will get the clue when we get the feeling effect. Inner conflict makes our bodies vulnerable. Our ego makes illusions to make us feel guilty. Manifestations come from conflicts. However, they will not happen, it is simply our ego making them real. Thus, spiritual concepts are irrelevant when we engage in conflicts. Conflicts with ourselves, affects our relationships. If we are loving right now, no one will get hurt.

Q: How far do you go in having fun and living it up? Is it okay to do drugs, drink alcohol and such activities?

Hope says that we don’t have a choice. Having a choice blinds people of having a function. Our function is to extend love. It is not a concern about what we eat or drink. People take such thought in an egotistical way. What we eat depends on what we think is a healthy diet.

For Hope, she doesn’t have any conflict about eating a pastrami sandwich because she knows food doesn’t have an effect on the body. She adds that food and anything else is magic. Feeling hungry is not possible and is projected outside the mind. What is confusing the mind is a sense of guilt. Feeling hungry, full, sick, hyper are used to get an effect in the illusion. The awareness of the effect of food coalesces to take care of the body. It is a tool of communication.

Q: How does a person make that transformation?

Hope say not to even try to do that. It will seem you have a choice when you don’t have one. It is just the ego talking. It has nothing to do with realizing the truth behind the illusion. It is not about getting a better illusion. When people manifest being spiritual then something hits them rock-bottom, the spirituality is gone completely. They become inconsolable because they only built up an image of spirituality. When things go wrong, they are really gloomy. When they have a dangerous thought, they think of to use their minds to get a better illusion. It is not about that.

So, we need to forget about trying to manifest anything. The manifestation is already working in our favor.

Q: What feelings do you have? How do you go through your day? Do you think about your vibration?

Hope answers, “I am aware of who I am. (H.J., 2019)” She explains that her vibration is all an illusion. It is all about the connection kept to who she is.

She describes it as a déjà vu where past thoughts come out. Scenarios like, “I need to…”, “I have to…”, “I should do…” are played out in the mind. What’s important is if we agree with those thoughts then, we make more manifestations. When we do them, we feel proud. When we don’t, we feel guilty. It is about you agreeing or disagreeing with what the mind tells you.

Q: What about heaven?

Hope explains that heaven has nothing to do with manifestations. A world full of manifestation denies that heaven exists. There is denial because there is death. We can’t conceptualize what heaven is.

There are two things- an awareness of creation and reality created by the mind. When there is confusion, happens, there is a projection imposed between awareness and the mind’s reality of a physical world. The ego will trick us that our projection is the reality. It will make you believe that false reality is better. It is mental imprisonment.

Our only choice is between truth and illusion.  We have the choice in making an illusion true or recognize what is true. Some spiritual teachings are about making more for myself. Though it is not bad, it is not all truth, it is all a lie. Parts of it is used as a teaching tool. We, who tune in to Wisdom Dialogues, mean there is something in us making a choice that we want the truth. You don’t want to manifest anymore. 

Q: What is truth?

Hope says, “Truth is who you are. (H.J., 2019)”

Truth is an individualized experience. The ego makes a point that denies us, our innocence and what is divine. Let’s those blocks be removed. The most efficient way to the truth is to look at the conflict of the thought. Get the feeling effect of those thoughts. Realize we made it up for ourselves. See what we are holding against ourselves and we will realize they are just thoughts.

Hope reminds us to detach ourselves from the voices. We are not in the illusion. Let those voices just play out and we can be aware of ourselves. When we are lost, ask for help. When we can’t see, ask for help. The goal is to know who we are within it.

When we realize that our projections are just made up, we experience peace. It is an extension of love for ourselves. It is a short time to go back to heaven.

As our mind becomes saner, manifestations follow soot. However, peace happens when manifestations are neutral whenever they pop up.Lorry adds that peace is not thinking whether something is right or wrong.

Hope adds that being in service to yourself is extending love. When we see a pattern of conflict, allow feelings for that. That’s in service to yourself and others. The manifestation is following that thinking. Attacking those thoughts has no effect unless we let it. When we recognize them, we accept full forgiveness as if they didn’t happen.

Accepting forgiveness means projection didn’t happen, it was just a dream and it does not affect us. There is no before. The past is just being projected to give us a guilty self-concept. We don’t have to make the projection real.

There is only truth and illusion. We don’t have a choice on what spiritual concept that comes through us. We only choose between agreeing and disagreeing. When we choose who we are over the illusion, we will definitely be moved.

Q: What if I feel unsafe to trust the wisdom of the person?

Vidir Hallgrimss shares that he always sees a blind spot when something happens with a teacher. He believes it comes from a wound within him. It makes him feel unsafe and distrust himself in the situation. He feels unsafe to trust the wisdom of the person.

Hope believes that’s never safe. It like making illusions true. A person he perceives is projected from his own mind. There is no need to put it over onto them. His experience needs to occur for his learning. He doesn’t need to judge himself for it. If he feels the person got it wrong, he is projecting that. Whether or not he recognizes that he’s projecting it, it’s always going to be for his best interests. Any blinds spots that he perceives is not really there. He’s not actually seeing the person as they are because of those blind spots.

Seeing the blind spot of another will move us but we are seeing our perceptions only. Choosing truth over illusion comes together for our learning. What we do with the illusion or find the truth, we simply need to get the feeling of that. There’s nothing wrong with our choice. Just let it flow.

Q: How do I approach the pain?

Vidir further shares that he senses pain in him and he wants to approach the pain. Something about illusion makes it hard for him to access the pain.

Hope explains that a strong defense from pain is the thought that it is hard. She adds, “It’s also associated with a feeling. So when it seems to you that it’s hard to undo this, that it’s hard to see it, that’s the block. It’s self-doubt. (H.J., 2019)”

(2:11:27 – 2: 11: 57) When we say to ourselves, “I can’t get this,” it is better to laugh. We have no choice about the thoughts that come up in our minds but we have a choice to laugh. When you choose truth, it is laughing. It is laughter on what we thought was real. Then, anything can come and we have an open space for that. What makes it fun is there’s no block.

Show Notes – Everything is a Benefit | WD

PLEASE NOTE: This is a very rough transcript of some conversations during the show.

Panelist: Lorry Thiboutot, Bob Shine

Show summary: In this episode of Wisdom Dialogues, Hope Johnson shares her thoughts on a sexual perverted culture, karma and reincarnation and depression. She reminds us that everything is an illusion. The world has no past, nor future. So, recognizing the feelings that arise when we think of our past, no matter how dark, is the start of healing. Seeing everything as a benefit will shift our minds into openness and forgiveness. We are not separated from God nor reality and that’s the awesome truth.

Q: Awareness of sexual perverted culture and children used for sex trafficking and abuse
HJ: A sexually perverted culture is within our mind. It is projected from the mind to mind. Sexual perversion has no place in a sane mind. The mind is insane when it is perceiving that. Having a perception of perversion brings darkness to that awareness. No one belongs to a sexually perverted culture. It is projection of the mind.

Follow-up Q: Pedophilia becoming normal and accepted in today’s society. Kids used as sex-object. My child and husband getting paranoid and worried about it.

HJ: Paranoia and worry brings pedophilia up again and again. The worry is a self-belief about society being that way. It is projecting more of the same things. Worry makes you see it more in society. It multiplies in our perception of how society is. Everyone has their own subjective perception. If you are a couple who has paranoia on sex trade and pedophilia, not everyone is like this. Personally, I don’t get worked up about it because this perception not coming from me. How you perceive the world is coming from your own mind but no one shares the same perception. The whole world makes you think you are correct that you separate yourself from reality. But the truth is, you are not separated from reality. It is just a feeling. Paranoia is the fear of losing this image and after that is oblivion. The human’s function is to undo the self-belief that’s causing it.

Nothing is happening. What we fear and worry about is not happening. It is in the imagination only where it is a secret wish to replace a world. What do you do? Do what you are made to do. Doing is automatic. I made a move to do what is necessary to undo guilty self-belief. The ego lead us to thinking that we are separate from reality. So, it brings up suffering to show us there must be a better way. All is a benefit. If I feel sad, the feelings of sadness is my own projection.
B: People talk about pedophilia and child molestation. The children who are abused and unhealed from become desensitize and unfeeling to other people’s suffering. So, they end up inflicting to others the same thing. That’s how people believe that.

HJ: There is no history. There is no past. If you believe it happened, you repress the pain and hide it instead. The repressed pain becomes a need to hurt other people. So, the healing is recognizing the truth. Recognizing that nothing happened is by getting the real feeling about it. Recognize what you are projecting and the feeling represented itself in that projection. After recognizing that, the feeling becomes healed. Whatever past is a projection. It is like a circle. Below is the self-belief, then the thought projection and above is the feeling. The feelings, self-belief and thought projection is the cycle that upholds the world. We uphold the world by making this thing true. When a thought arise, there is no emotional charge anymore thru recognition. As long as you have a projection of being a victim, you will keep getting the feeling of being a victim. Looking into that allows things to be undone. But projecting is okay because it will bring awareness. Then, it is a benefit because of the awareness.

People usually feel guilty because they think they screw up. But you never screwed up so you can’t get it wrong. If you keep an eye on your guilty self-belief, the projection will not have power. The projection doesn’t go anywhere unless you believe it. But, you are not screwing up instead, you are learning. No one is touched by illusion. Reality from the illusion is nothing. It is forgotten. Your teaching-learning ground is to go back to sanity and heaven where we are.
B: It is getting in touched with our feelings but the problem is sex abusers are cut off from any feeling. They want to see others abused because they fear they will feel hurt if they don’t.

H: When we have perceptions, we are in a dance in them. What do you do? Have compassion. I have been near predators but I go, “Oh yeah, not with me.” I do not see him that way but only for who he is. I’m making it up if think him that way.
B: Some go thru a spiritual experience getting raped. The victim feels a release and love. Then, the perpetrator asks, “Aren’t you afraid?” The woman answers, “No, I understand you,” and feels compassion for him in the end. So, the key is am I feeling?

H: Anyone is asking you to show them their innocence. An insane mind convince people to feel guilty but people are unaware of it. It takes conscious effort to avoid the guilty feelings.

B: That’s the story of Frankenstein. Everyone thinks he is a monster so, he is violent towards the townspeople until he meets a girl who doesn’t know he is a monster. Because the girl doesn’t see him as a monster, he is kind and gentle to her. Then, Frankenstein sees and meets a blind man who invites him to have a smoke. He feels welcomed and so, he shows his good side to him. The innocence of these persons are projected into Frankenstein.

H: Good illustration!
Thomas Garrett (listener): I am from Colorado. I want to say that owning feelings interrupts the story. Owning feelings mean I am here and nobody is out there. To deny feelings is like going to hell.

H: Denying feelings is like going to hell.

TG: I learned to dive into the feeling. It is me in the moment. It feels like I am not in the world. My feelings are mine.

H: Agree, you are not in the world. I feel excited for you.

Q: How to compassionately tell someone if they are abuse because they wanted it.

H: You don’t teach anyone. You don’t hear your teaching you own mind but you are always teaching the mind. The guidance in the present moment will tell you where to go. When you feel compassionate, you know exactly what you will say. You will get their reaction on what you are on. The ego will pound some concept making you believe it is true. But, when you show compassion, it will reflect and others will see your compassion. When you have compassion, you will know what to say and share. The imagination projects past and future but the world has no past and future.

Awareness makes healing possible. When you follow the ego guidance, you are afraid that you are unworthy of reality and you are subject to death but it is because you want to hide from reality. The perception’s purpose is to undo what’s causing that.

Q: How can you purify your karma and reincarnation?
H: These concepts are meaningless. Karma and reincarnation don’t mean anything. What matters is what you are using it for. There is nothing to purify karma because there is no karma nor reincarnation. In this life, there is not true or false, right or wrong. All of that is just an illusion.

B: It just perpetuates death.

H: Yes, purifying karma is synonymous to guilty self – belief, the belief in separation from reality. Believing there is karma to purify upholds the belief of that concept. It only matters when it is only functional. If not, it perpetuates guilty self-belief. Believing in karma signifies there is a past that needs to bring down. No one is on different levels. To believe that then you are not seeing them as they are. You just want to see them that way. Why do want that? Because feelings arise based on the self-belief. And you start projecting that to people. All are just symbols.

B: Some people believe that karma means you sow what you reap, you reap what you sow. When you reap negativity, you reap things like pedophilia and sex trafficking….

H: The question is what is it being used for? You always have a choice. You can always make a choice. It is inside work. Just say, “Thank you,” when someone is offensive.

B: Christ level is the true level of everyone. Christ saw everyone in Christ level.

H: You don’t have to act like a teacher on anyone. There is no need to impart to anyone.

B: We are always students.

H: When you think you are teaching others, you are actually teaching yourself what you say.

L: Hope, at first did you tell yourself, “Nothing’s happened, nothing’s happened,”

H: I don’t have any recollection of how I did it but I find myself say, “I am making this up”. This is a benefit, projecting anger, this a benefit.

L: I can feel some warmth in my body. Your words now are resonating deeper.

H: You are getting the experience. When it sinks deeper, it is easier for you to open up.

Q: I cringe all the time when I encounter a thought, song or memory. I feel like my skin is sensitive.

What‘s up?

H: It’s a benefit. Look at it as a benefit rather than as a problem. When you cry about it, it is okay. Crying is healing and you are not overlaying it. Step backing to look at what’s going on within you is a benefit. It brings you back. You just need to say, “Thank you,” about it.

H: Take it the way they will take it. Fear prevents you from getting it. Believing they are dangerous is a defensive means because you just don’t want to get it.

Q: feel concerned

H: Only you can give innocence thru compassion. You want to perceive people so they become violent. It is all benefit.
Q: Your children are unschooled gamers. Do you have internet regulation at home?
H: No regulation because I don’t see a need for myself to be regulated. If I start regulating myself, it will be projected to others to be regulated.
Q: 11 – 12 ages are ages of curiosity so, they explore pornography…
H: There is nothing to do about it. Believing that I need to control them means their innocence is lost. Whatever it is, allow it to play out at the age of 11 -12. I have no problem with computer use/ internet. If you show a non-projected connection to your children, they open up to you. There is no judgement or advice to be a good person. Our function is to reveal innocence. Just be honest. It takes time. It is a benefit.
B: But the problem is, innocence is rare because most grow up feeling guilty of how they perceive sex. Sexual milieu is a sin according to Catholicism. Sex, when it is the most beautiful, the source of producing a next generation…
H: Bob, I need to stop you there for a while because sex is nothing. It is equal to anything. It is an illusion to say it is beautiful and so on. It is nothing. It doesn’t matter like anything else. Making it matter, makes the illusion stronger.
B: So, it is seeing everything as neutral
H: Yes, everything is neutral. To give something meaning upholds the whole world. We need to undo the illusion and not make it true.
T: I support the idea that there’s no world out there. I want to call it as remembering innocence rather than revealing innocence. It feels like waking up and seeing myself as a child again.
H: It is protecting innocence. In the world, innocence is being attacked. In the world-view, innocence is lost. But within the self, it is not gone.
Q: Opening myself up to HJ’s wisdom, depression gets in.
H: It is the doing of the ego. What purpose does it have? It is a common ego thinking. The world has a purpose. We need to undo guilty self-belief. First believe, this is a benefit. Then, depression is going to unravel faster and faster. When you look at it as a benefit, you are telling the ego, “I am not going to control you anymore,” ego will be sad. We swore with ego to uphold the world. It is feeling sad if we do not listen to it.
Yulia Shevchenko (listener): My topic is my kids. I can’t communicate with people on my view about there is no problem and no money. I get caught up about it. I don’t know how to let them see my view.
H: There is no need to know how. When you make thought processes meaningful, it will make you confused.
Y: How do you talk to people about it?
H: You don’t talk to anyone. There is no ‘how’ on it. You just keep listening.
Y: I don’t not know about listening
H: You want to keep the illusion real. All is meaningless. But making it meaningful, you believe something bad is going to happen and there is fear about it.
Y: So, it is the same with everything else?
H: yes.
B: Trying to see how is just another mind prism. You just need to say, “Thank you for sharing that,” then dismiss.
Y: So, I do not have a choice.
H: Agreeing or disagreeing is the same thing. They persist because you are interested in it.
Y: My kids don’t believe in the conversation. But we have this conversation about it. I try to argue and it all becomes twisted. Can you explain why not to do anything?
H: Agreeing and disagreeing just makes the illusion more true. Hearing something is impossible. It is like taking you to a mind game and making the concept solidified. These concepts are validated by someone else.
Y: I feel pressured having to motivate them. I just don’t know what to do.
H: Stay like that.
Y: They tell me I am smart and capable. They can’t believe…
H: You don’t need to convince. Coming back to it is a benefit. Allowing the feeling to rise in you that reflects who you are. That’s how it gets resolved. What’s motivating those thoughts? Mind is enslaved by thought processes. The perception of not getting it right is a benefit. Think of it as a benefit. It is just an illusion and it is going to make you feel guilty. But it is always a benefit.
Y: I want to communicate this to my boyfriend but he doesn’t get it.
H: You are getting a validation. Go back to what’s motivating this. Why is there a want for validation?
Y: There is this feeling of “ugh!”
H: That is also benefit. A lot of thoughts says that it is true. Just say, “Thank you.” There’s no need for a reason.
Y: So, I just make a story.
H: No need to explain. But thoughts in the mind says there is a need to explain. We’re all in our own mind. We are seeing our own projection. Making them say that if they don’t get it. It is to get this feeling. But no need to do that.
T: Extend the innocence is a nice message.
H: I appreciate it. If it resonates, change it as extend the innocence. Protect the innocence by protecting that space.
Q: reason manifest
H: We don’t want to know why because we don’t want to see the world destroyed. We justify those things by worldly things. By following ego guidance, we feel worse. The more you know yourself, the more it is painful. Because you want to go home by making a different decision.
Q: Not feel guilty to separate from God but feel guilt out of other worldly ideas

H: It is a distraction. We are not separated from God is because we are not guilty of anything. If you are separated from God, the assumption makes you think you are deserving of death. The guilt is there from the self-belief that you separated and made an illusion. There is intense guilt because you can’t handle it.

Show Notes – How the Ego Controls our minds | WD

On this episode of Wisdom Dialogues, Hope Johnson talks about how the ego controls our mind, choices, and beliefs. Once we allow ego to determine our actions, we get feelings of guilt, fear, and anxiety.

The ego tells us to choose which makes us fearful because it is normal, it is what other people do. However, the ego only gives us illusions, tricks, defenses which make us become vulnerable. Accepting these will only make us run away. We don’t get to the bottom of what is truth. Like in eating, when we overeat, it is the ego telling us that consuming a lot is safe for the body.

However, it can be a defense mechanism of something that makes us feel trapped. Rather than recognizing or accepting the situation that makes us feel trapped, we eat. It also goes without saying that when we believe in obesity, being skinny or healthy, it the ego telling us to be prejudiced – to see that body size matters. So, we push ourselves into a body that we think is healthy for us. However, when we truly listen to our body, it will tell us what it wants.

We need to accept truth, rather than depend on illusions. How long it takes to find truth doesn’t even matter as long as we lean to it. When making a choice, return to the feeling, see it. It is important to recognize that in our minds, we have a spirit guide. It is a guide that comforts and tells us we are beyond the world. The spirit makes us feel relieved. We need to choose what makes us feel less guilt and fear. To be open to the spirit, we become happy.

Q: Is free will not real?

Hope Johnson (HJ) explains that we don’t have a choice in a dream state. The mind projects illusions. Through these projections, choices are made. What we choose, gives truth to the illusion. But nothing happened before and in the present, it is just the mind playing out. Thoughts are worldly thoughts to uphold the illusion to make it true. It is up to the person to recognize that nothing happened. When we separate from reality, we become vulnerable. It is up to you to recognize that nothing happened. Agreeing with illusory thoughts makes someone feels upset. When you are afraid, we believe we deserve punishment that is death, or a certain death. When we recognize there is no free-will but freedom of choice, we are happier. One most dangerous thought in choosing ego is feeling taken advantage of. The choice is looking at the thought with a good guide.

Follow-up Q: Separation from love

Love = eternal life. The belief of separation is only death which is a punishment from God. But this is just a dream of separation. We are not willing to let go of the dream because of fear. Humanity has an apparent existence because of the belief in separation. Willing to make a choice shortens the illusion.

Q: What if we can feel other’s feelings and why?

There is no other. Feeling other people’s feelings are our interpretations of energy. Dancing with others is dancing with ourselves. The perception of feeling other people is our projection, interpreting thru our mistaken self-belief. It is feeling our own reaction.

HJ shares an example from a friend a week ago. The friend asked about the feeling of prosecuted. HJ answers that we feel prosecuted because of the projected thoughts of prosecution. What we can do about it is to feel compassion. When we have compassion for ourselves, we show or demonstrate compassion. Compassion is a gift that is received. Let’s not look to the illusion for any proof because it doesn’t have. Bob H. (BH) reacts to this by saying that laughter is a creative tension, also crying.

When we laugh or cry, we release energy which keeps ultimate sanity otherwise we go crazy. HJ answers that there is no wrong nor mistake. It is noticing what choice to make that is the truth. When we have self-guilt, it is important to allow forgiveness. Forgiveness is accepting that nothing happened. When this happens, we become uplifted because we can’t be guilty or accountable.

Q: Wisdom on Contentment

HJ reassures that we are always being guided so don’t worry about being trapped. There are two guides in the mind, the ego, and the spirit. The ego is protective. It automatically creates a defense. On the other hand, the spirit is a comforting, tiny voice, telling us we are beyond the world. It is a kind of comfort that offers us the choice that we are beyond the world. So, we need to choose to lean toward the spirit guide. However, the ego makes us feel guilty and fearful. It tells us we are making a mistake. However, everything is a benefit, nothing is wrong.

When we listen to the ego guide, it can lead to a dangerous thought that is – we feel taken advantaged or we are taking advantage of something. It is dangerous because it feels worse and worse and worse as it prolongs. Remember, we are not something that can’t be trapped like that. We need to make the choice – which thought feels better? We don’t have to go to the fearful one. When we choose fear, we choose the ego thought. Making a choice is agreeing with the thought or feeling relieved following a thought. The ego will say, “You’re going crazy if everything is okay”. When others oppose, say, “Okay, thank you”.

Then, Lorry (L) shares a family reunion she attended where her son reacted to a picture of his daughter wearing a bikini. The picture was only shared exclusively to the group chat but her son thinks her daughter is almost wearing nothing. It is dangerous with all the crazy-minded people out there who victimize children. L says she blew up on her son’s reaction. It was an automatic defense. It was listening to the ego.

HJ answers that the ego makes everything a big deal. It projects that everything is a big deal. When we recognize that we follow our ego’s projections, it is just learning rather than something really happening. So, don’t guilt yourself.

BH adds that when we feel upset, discouraged or fearful, we need to dismiss it and go on. Else, we get embroiled and tangled into this trap for a long time. We need to move on and let the negativity pass. Rather than dwelling, we just have to let go.

HJ replies back and says we need to follow the guidance of spirit or ego. What we think is happening is just an illusion. We are just making a choice. When we separate from the illusion, we are stepping back from it. We are not trying to let go but we are choosing between the spirit or the ego. The question is when are you willing to take it?

Q: Being conscious about this, made fear come up

HJ says that recognizing the fear, recognize is ok. It is a breakthrough.

Q: How long does it take to find truth from illusion?

Time itself is an illusion. There is no time. The illusion of time is it’s long or short. It doesn’t matter how long it lasts. As long as we are willing to choose the truth, it doesn’t matter how long we find it. Heal the guilty – self. In reality, there is no beginning and end of time. It is just a projection.

Q: Does food not have an effect on the body?

Ego will tell us to eat anything because food doesn’t affect the body. Then, it gives us a sense of guilt which makes the illusion look true. Ego will use this information to serve us as a body. The ego’s job is to use this thought as a mind trick to seem that food has an effect.

We need to keep denying the evidence. Watch it play out. The choice is who am I in this? When you overeat, you need to ask yourself, “Who am I in this?” It is all projected from the mind. Look at what is least fearful. Choose which guide you need to follow.

BH responds that you are the master of the body.

HJ explains that there two levels – play on the surface and letting things play out. The projections and illusions are play on the surface. What is deeper is allowing things to play out.

Q: Beginner tips on dream state…

Start to notice any kind of clenching and constriction in your body. Be watchful on what you’re body does because it means you are nervous. When your body tenses, it is you choosing the voice of the ego, listening to the negative thoughts of the ego. Use essential oils too because the aroma will lift the thoughts.

Q: Giving the feeling effect. Is there a “done?”

Be patient but don’t wait. Thinking if it ever changes is projected from a feeling. Get the feeling –affect from that. There’s a lot of defenses in the mind. Every thought is projected from feelings. Go back to the feeling. “It’s occurring because I want it to happen” – step back from that. You are before a projection. Step back from it because you are not it.

Q: Wisdom On Eating

Eating is a distraction. It is always just being alert. Noticing that you are eating, eating, eating, the ego makes it a guilty action. Watching it play out will make you see what you are covering up. Overeating is not coming out of joy. It is a tricky joy. You know you are tricking yourself when you get a shitty feeling afterward.

We become a food-victim when we cover up a feeling of being trapped. Running away from that trapped feeling, we consume food to fill the void. Recognize what traps you. Acknowledge what is going on.

Don’t wait. Time is now.

The ego is using your dominion to make yourself the victim. The illusion isn’t true. Denying is laughing about it. I am not doing anything.

Q: Wisdom on obesity

The size of the body doesn’t matter. How do you feel about it? That’s what it comes to. Names are projection. What is more important is, “How do you feel?” That just makes prejudice arise when seeing the size. The body isn’t real. Let’s other deal with their own salvation as you deal with your own salvation. Obesity is symbolic of guilt so is a healthy body. The ego will tell us that we are obese.

It makes us feel guilty about it so, we work to have a skinnier body. It is also the same in keeping a healthy body. We pressure ourselves in having a healthy body because we feel guilty when it fattens. These are meaningless thoughts. Your mind knows what body you want.

As you release tension, you will have an easier time to be that. Let it flow freely. It is the journey, not the destination that is important. There’s really no destination in the illusion. Undo the guilt in the illusion.