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God knows nothing of consciousness, where God’s children go to sentence themselves to death.

God maintains our reality beyond our decision to take on consciousness, and constantly communicates the truth to our shared mind.

When we are willing to communicate only with God, we will escape consciousness and all of its effects.

It’s only a matter of time.


Consciousness is the ego’s domain, but ego doesn’t make anything happen.

You are the maker of everything that arises in consciousness, including the ego.

Ego only offers guidance in the form of thought. When you decide with the ego you decide to make more illusions and to extend lifetimes within which to play them out.

Spirit, which you didn’t make, also offers guidance. When you decide with spirit, you decide to withdraw illusions, extend love and shorten the time it takes to reach liberation.

Worldly Seeking:

When you feel as if you are saying something, it’s out of a sense of lack, but when you are aware that you’re not really capable of saying (or typing) anything, the words come from a sense of wholeness and extend only love.


Giving up the pleasures of this world is not really a sacrifice. It only appears to be a sacrifice because of forgetting what ecstasy is beyond this world, and unwillingness to recognize that all worldly pleasures actually lead to pain.

When worldly pleasures are no longer sought after, it’s not as if there are no pleasurable acts taking place. There is just non-attachment to those acts and no sense of yearning for them.

Everything gets used for going deeper into union with your spirit, which is the greatest joy.


This world is for resolving the thought of separation, forgiving perceived trespasses and for recognizing perfect peace.

Use this world for another purpose and it will bring you suffering, followed by death, because you asked for illusions rather than the truth.


Seeking abundance in the world is the way you sacrifice your inheritance in exchange for struggle and strife.


The mind’s attraction to judgment is what makes the illusion of predators and their victims.

The lion will lie down with the lamb and everyone will reflect only gentleness as soon we decide to look past our mistaken perceptions and accept reality as it is.


If it seems as if you’re surprised at another person’s inadequacy, you’re not.

That’s self doubt in disguise, projecting as if you expected someone else to do better.


Ego supports your attempts to “undo ego programming” as long as you are also committed to believing that you have an ego.


Wanting different things is symbolic of your desire for union with your spirit, and identifying with wanting is what keeps that holy desire covered up.

The ego is dependent on your wanting for its survival because when you get the experience of spirit’s desire for you and your desire for spirit, it’s such an ecstatic courtship that you’ll never want for sex or anything else ever again.


The fact that you are egoless is blasphemy to the ego, whose survival is totally dependent on your decision to identify with it.

Body Illusion:

Losing something isn’t sad unless you permitted your mind to develop a craving for it in the first place.

Even after the fact, you can undo the craving and its sad effect, if you’re willing to admit that you’re making it up.


Intelligence assigned to the body is a fundamental error that results in illusions of physical pain and death.

Nothing that you seem to accomplish for the body is lasting and believing that you are accomplishing anything for the body makes it seem vulnerable to the environment, food, poverty and other worldly effects.

The body is neither vulnerable nor invulnerable and it cannot communicate. The body is a projection of mind and it’s given the meaning assigned to it by the mind.

If the mind is willing to use the body only for communicating love, the body will only be an expression of love, and not of disease nor of death.

To correct the fundamental error, offer a little bit of willingness to be given a different interpretation in the moment the body seems to have intelligence or autonomy.


Sexual healing is an unattainable goal because sexuality itself is a projection of a sick mind.

Sexuality doesn’t need to be avoided, nor does it need to be healed because either way, it’s just an attempt to avoid the underlying problem.

True Identity:

You can’t love what is until you know what is.

Seeking to love your illusions of reality is pointless.

To recognize reality takes denying truth to everything that denies the presence of love.


You are the beloved of eternity, the only one who can truly hold you.

Seeking to be held out as special makes you feel lonely, and that feeling will persist until you choose the one who loves all of you.


There is a difference between taking your behavior as a lesson and taking it as a mistake.

What’s seen as your behavior is only the form of your curriculum, which can never be mistaken.

Whereby the only lesson is innocence, taking yourself as someone who is capable of mistaken behavior is not only a mistake, but it makes learning more difficult and appear to take longer in time.


It doesn’t matter what you seem to be choosing.

I love you soooo much and I think you are doing awesome.

If you’re willing to receive that, you will feel better, guaranteed.

Go ahead, you deserve it.


If you perceive something, you are projecting it.

It’s kinda like the saying goes, when someone claims they smell a fart in a group of people: “The one who smelled it, dealt it.” 😆

Makes it all so simple, loving and fun!


If you are not wholly joyful, nothing is wrong with you and nothing is wrong with the world.

You are the truth and the world is an expression of a self denying concept, which cannot really affect you.

All that’s wrong is that your thinking has been led astray.

Simply admitting that you have been mistaken opens you to the kind of guidance that leads back to who you are.


You can’t actually do anything. All doing is taking care of itself. 🎉

Any time spent as a doer or projecting doership onto others is time spent keeping the truth hidden from your sight. 💐


Your mood is determined by the thoughts you choose to make meaningful, not by anyone’s behavior.


How to heal with a person who insists on making you wrong:
Instead of allowing yourself to become convinced that they are wrong, admit that you are misperceiving so that you can get the message behind the show of insanity.
While their words may be guided by the ego, the speaker is always right in that the ego is not real and it’s impossible for anyone’s mind to be insane. Those who appear to be making you wrong are dreaming along with you of a world where separate bodies come to suffer and die.
When you perceive a person making you wrong, let it be a sign that they have a gift of awareness for you. That gift is in the feeling reaction that you get out of perceiving them.
It’s an opportunity to demonstrate to your own mind that the dream is not reality. To seize that opportunity takes willingness to have your perception corrected, which cannot occur while you insist that you already seeing them clearly.
So, the key is in denying the truth of what you are perceiving so that you can accept what’s true about them, which allows your mind to accept what’s true about you.
Only by accepting them as wholly sane, loving, innocent and peaceful in your mind, can you likewise accept yourself. Because you are one with them, whatever you make of them is what you make of yourself.
But when you accept the spirit’s interpretation of them, you get healed of misperception along with them. Even if you perceive them continuing to hold the image of wrongness for you, rest assured that healing has happened.
It’s not up to you how and when their healing is made manifest. The point is not to fix another person, but to get a reinterpretation of who they are so that you can recognize yourself as you are. That’s their gift to you.
Once you have accepted the reinterpretation, your work is done. So let the sense of relief that’s come over your mind be the symbol of healing.
In time, they will see you clearly as well, but ‘when’ is not up to you because time is under the control of Spirit, who uses time to teach each one of their innocence according to how much truth they can accept without fear.
Rest assured that by releasing them from your condemnation, you have brightened the light within them and they are very grateful. This is true even if they seem to hate you.
Your appreciation for them returns to you for all that you are. Keep beaming the light of truth. You are so loved!


None of them can be trusted individually.

All of them can be trusted indivisibly.


To place trust in individuals is to teach yourself that you can be hurt by them..a sinister teaching.


Whatever you are willing to perceive in another you are secretly willing to strengthen within yourself.


Con artists show up when you’ve been pursuing thoughts of desperation.

The best way to deal with a perceived con artist is laughter because lightheartedness allows you to find out what you’ve been desperate about, and to teach yourself that thoughts of desperation never lead to anything that you want.

On the other hand, if you pursue the idea that you’ve been victimized, the attraction to thoughts of desperation remains unhealed, which manifests more illusions of con artists. Is that what you really want?


If you want to be happy and have harmonious relationships, don’t try to convince anyone that they are something that you would find offensive.


The entering and exiting of people in your life is not really your choice or theirs.

The stories you make about why they come and go are pure fantasy.

Let each encounter be used only for healing and all of your relating with be wholly satisfying.


The only relationship you can ever have is with your source.
When you realize this, all of your worldly relating will be wholly satisfying.


Everything and everyone is neutral. 🌹

You decide whether they attest to guilt or innocence, and that decision comes from what you were willing to see within yourself first.


People cannot project onto you. They can only reflect your hidden self-belief.

It’s not their expression, but your reaction to their expression that reveals what you’ve been trying to keep hidden from your sight.

Every moment you spend denying that they are capable of projecting onto you is a moment devoted to clarity and healing. It engenders self-compassion which casts out fear of looking upon what’s causing your reaction.

The instant the cause of reacting is revealed, sanity is restored, which manifests as feeling a deeper sense of love and relaxation than you’ve ever known before.

So bless your companion because you cannot escape your insanity without them.


Guilty feeling is the effect of choosing against yourself.

It’s like a compass, letting you know that by your choice to make illusions true, you have distanced yourself from what’s really true.


The Unwitting Sexualization of Children
Many parents unwittingly sexualize their children because they are afraid of the child having sex too young or being sexually abused, and they don’t know how to take care of their fear. This is not about trying to avoid fearful effects, it’s about healing what causes fearful effects to manifest in the first place.
The root cause of fearful effects is fear, and the only way to eliminate fearful effects is to see that their cause has no basis in reality.
Specifically, our mind is programmed with an “ego”, which guides us to project fearful feelings and then try to avoid them. When the parent dwells in fear over their child being exposed to sex, ego guides the parent to project images that effectively sexualize the child in the parent’s mind, to relate with the world as if the image they hold of the child is really true, and to make agendas to keep the child safe.
Such agendas cause conflict between parent and child at a minimum while increasing the likelihood that the parent’s fears will be played out. Once the child has been sexualized in the parent’s mind, notwithstanding all of the avoidance strategies, the parent’s mind has been programmed to see that the image they believe in is made manifest. That image and trajectory deny the child’s inherent innocence and invulnerability, which causes the child to feel guilty and react fearfully.
To avoid sexualizing your child or to undo what you’ve already made of them, take care of your fearful feelings about your child being exposed to sex. If the child asks about sex, give them honest answers, but don’t make a big deal of it, or try to control them about it.
If you find out that your child has been masturbating, watching porn or engaging in some sexual behavior, and that triggers upset feelings in you, take care of your feelings instead of justifying them, especially in front of your child. In this way, the child will not be afraid to confide in you if anything feels uncomfortable or scary to them.
That kind of confidence and freedom makes children far less susceptible to peer pressure, to playing victim to sexual predators, or to playing the role of sexual predator. It also protects them from developing a guilt complex about feeling sexual or about having sexual encounters.
If you find out that your child has been playing the role of sexual predator, take care of your feelings so that you can communicate with them. In this way, you can help them uncover and heal the guilty thought process that’s responsible for making them act out as a predator.
If you find out that your child has been playing the role of sexual victim, again, take care of your feelings so that you can communicate with them. In this way, you can help them uncover and heal the guilty thought process that’s responsible for making them into a victim.
I understand that this is a sensitive subject for people, and that’s because pursuant to the ego’s guidance, our mind is conditioned to keep fearful programs protected so that they can continue to justify feeling fearful. That’s how ego prevents us from finding out that there is really no basis for the fearful feeling and no need for ego at all.
As feeling fearful gets healed instead of getting projected, it’s our children who are getting the benefit of our mind’s protection instead of the ego’s fearful program. In addition, love gets extended and harmony prevails between parent and child.
How do you take care of your feelings? Notice when an uncomfortable or painful feeling arises in your body and just offer a little bit of willingness to admit that the feeling is a projection of your own confusion. In this way, your mind learns how to accept healing for your perception instead of using your perception to keep the cause of feeling fearful hidden from your sight.

Being suspicious of yourself makes you suspicious of your kid’s motives and competency.

If you trust in your mis-interpretation of your child, you hold them to the same limitations you’ve made for yourself.

But if you’re just a little bit willing to see that you are self projecting, your perception of yourself and them will get healed.


No child deserves to feel remorse, no matter what they seem to have done.

Are you willing to protect their innocence, and yours?

Or would you rather keep remorse and make more “evidence” that remorse is justified.


The number one teaching that came through on my book signing today was for the parent to be assured that they cannot get it wrong.
Specifically, when a parent feels guilty, including remorseful or regretful, their energy becomes self-punishing, which in turn causes the parent to act out punishing scenarios with their children.
Even if the parent seems to exert control over their own actions, if guilt cooks beneath the surface, consciousness is bound to make self-punishing manifestations.
But any parent or person who is even a little bit willing to recognize that they cannot get it wrong, will learn how to heal the mistaken self-belief faster, and with a lot less effort.

You asked for escape from depression, greed and death, and the child has come to show the way.

Use them to instill your trust in the illusions of this world, and you will “protect” yourself from recognizing their gentle guidance.


When the parent cannot see how to allow freedom for themselves, they cannot help but put restrictions on their kids.

I’m not here to tell parents to give their kids more freedom. I’m here to show parents how to free themselves from their own perceived limitations.

I’ve recently taken on a child whose parents do not feel free enough to extend freedom to their child. However, the parents did feel free enough to send their child to me so that I can extend freedom to him. For that, I’m very grateful.

The child is conditioned in such a way that he unwittingly uses his energy to get someone to feel annoyed with him so that they will put restrictions on him.

He doesn’t like it, but that’s how he’s learned to fit in with the world he perceives to be around him.

I’m going to share how I communicate with the child and how I use my energy to help him undo that conditioning so that he can learn to relate with people from a sense of freedom and dominion.

If you feel so inspired, please join me online on Tuesday at 3pm Hawaii Time. I’ll post the Facebook invitation in the comments.


My 10-year-old nephew explained to me that he’s “too lazy” and that’s why he didn’t do what he thinks he should have done.

I let him know that I’m not buying it because it’s impossible for him to be too much of anything and “lazy” implies that he’s capable of doing things.

He doesn’t totally get what I’m saying, but it does apparently calm his anxiety and that’s good enough for me.



As you allow more gentleness for yourself, you will lose the attraction toward forcing or manipulating your kids to attend school, church, social functions, or sports.


This will almost always trigger the ego to make you out to be insane, which is likely to be demonstrated through the fearful reflections of other people.


The whole point of their fearful reflections is to make you feel threatened so that you will react out of fear and thereby demonstrate that gentleness is dangerous.


But you can also decide to use fearful reflection to demonstrate that gentleness is safe.


To do so, be willing to go through the sense of feeling threatened without defending yourself, or otherwise making fearful thoughts out to be true.


In this way, the sense of threat will give way to the sense of ultimate safety and your words and actions will emanate from that gentle state of mind.

Supporting a child’s natural creativity is far more relaxing and rewarding than forcing a curriculum on them.

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The above diagram goes with this video: Consciousness and the Manifestation Trap


Getting what you want is soooo overrated since you cannot possibly know what you really want.

Knowing that you really want whatever you get, and knowing how to use it for healing the cause of your dis-ease….That’s something to sing about.


If it’s more money that you want, it’s really poverty that you are seeking. You cannot want more money without projecting a feeling as if something is lacking.

Trying to change your feeling in order to get more money will NEVER work. That striving still comes from a place of lack. You cannot fool your mind like that. Any appearance of abundance attained this way will surely become its opposite.

Once you get disillusioned by false abundance enough times, you will give up the quest for worldly treasures to accept the treasure that is not subject to conditions of any kind.


You cannot perceive yourself or anyone else as anxious, confused, angry, panicked, suspicious or sick unless you are making yourself guilty.

Do not ask for relief from the results of guilt unless you want to make more results. Instead ask what’s causing you to make yourself guilty.

When you find out, you will naturally change your mind and the results will follow.


Judgment is impossible for any of us. If you perceive judgment, whether in yourself or in others, it’s only your perception that needs correcting.

Pointing out perceived judgments as if they are in need of correcting makes judgment into a reality for you, which is a setup for perceiving more judgments.


You are not capable of judgment because you are not the ego.

If I perceived judgment in you and tried to correct it, that’s only because I saw it in myself first, and forgot to laugh. That was my mistake.

If you are looking to engage as if you are capable of judgment, you have my blessing, but not my participation.



No one has an ego. In fact, ego doesn’t really exist. Ego is a fearful thought program that we set up in the mind to bait us into conflict.

Why did we set up the ego? To keep us distracted so that we don’t find out that the world we are perceiving is only held together by guilt and fear of punishment.

There is no need to provoke the ego or try to change its way of thinking. Ego is not capable of change.

In time, ego will be made obsolete, not through force or fighting, but through gentle recognition that we can allow conflict to pass us by and choose peace instead.




Ego is not in the manifestation. The manifestation is innocent.

Ego is the sinister guide in your mind that leads you to make parts of the manifestation out to lack innocence.

You can have a peaceful and true interpretation instead.

You can choose to overlook the ego’s guidance and be led by the one who can vouch for your innocence and who knows the way back to sanity.


The Divine only knows itself. It doesn’t know your perceived limitations or visions of debauchery.

You are Divine. When you make your perceptions true, you temporarily lose touch with yourself.


You are nowhere to be found in this world. You are completely apart from it.

This world is projected from your mind and nothing that happens here affects you.

It’s you who affect this world by the way you choose to regard yourself in relation to it.

You can choose to welcome all of your apparent fear, anxiety, anger and sadness as opportunities to bring your light to the darkness; or you can use the darkness to blot out your light.

If you choose to blot our your light, no worries! Well, it will actually multiply your worries, but that’s okay.

That mental condition can’t last forever because the light is within you, always informing you who you are and what this world is really for.


This world is superimposed between our awareness and our mind’s true reality.

Undoing the projected story of self that causes the worldly veil is our only real responsibility.


Being is having it all.

Because you took a mistaken thought about yourself seriously, you wanted to make yourself unaware of being, and so you made yourself believe that getting means having more and giving means having less.

But because of who you are, giving actually increases what you have and getting is totally meaningless.

Are you interested in becoming aware of being again? Then notice what makes you aware of being an object, and deny truth to that.


The most ungrounding thought is the one about the illusory world being real.

It makes you project images of unfairness, destruction, anger and pain and then resist against those things as if they didn’t just come from you.


The illusory world is held together by resistance, which leads people to seek and find something to resist.

Let them have their resistance. It’s not going to involve you unless you are also seeking for something to resist.


You are NOT of the Earth. You are NOT made of matter, but thinking you are makes it so, and that puts you at odds with other material objects.


What’s called life on Earth is based on fear of death. The whole experience is predicated on a desire for death to escape the hidden guilt of having separated from reality.

Everyone has this mental disease, although some are better at covering it up than others. The trouble is that no one really dies, and an apparent death doesn’t release anyone from the pain of guilt.

The solution for our common dis-ease is in healing the hidden self-belief, which can only occur through our relationships, by demonstrating innocence where projecting guilt seems to be the only option.


Every illusion really does benefit you because you are aware of it, and either you know how to listen to guidance on how to use it for healing the insanity in your mind, or you are learning how to do that.


A sick mind causes people to drink, drug, or otherwise consume excessively so that guilt can be demonstrated by making the body and mind out to be sick from the effects of excessive consumption.

But the real cause of both illusions of excessive consumption and illusions of physical symptoms is only the innocent mind making itself sick by taking guilty thoughts as if they are true.

Compassion is the key to healing the illusion of overconsumption (whether for yourself or for others in your perception), not making the illusion of excessive consumption true and focusing on that as if it’s not an effect of an underlying problem in your own mind.

Because the only problem is guilty self-belief, healing what makes illusions of problems occurs through willingness to protect the innocent body and mind from being attacked mentally by your guilty self projections.

Self Doubt:

It’s common to doubt yourself when you find yourself not being able to follow the spiritual teachings you’ve been sharing with others.

But that self-doubt is not really justified because what you perceive of yourself is just some errant thought process coming to the surface.

What you seem to have taught in the past isn’t really in the past. It’s being offered to you right now.

You will be able to follow that spiritual guidance when you’re willing to recognize that you’re not really the one faltering.

Worry comes from believing you are unworthy of peace.

It’s got nothing to do with what seems to be happening. Nothing happens.


Unwillingness to admit responsibility for all that you perceive makes you into a victim of your own perceptions, which are not just occurring to you randomly.

Your perceptions are orchestrated mentally by you to demonstrate the effects of believing that you are separate from love.

Perceiving fearful people and situations is not meant as a punishment. It’s meant as an opportunity to dismantle the defenses to love that you have constructed out of guilt and fear of punishment.

How do you dismantle your defensiveness to being who you are? Admit responsibility for all that you perceive, instead of trusting in worldly evidence that “proves” things happen to you randomly, without your authority.

If it’s capable of being threatened, it was never really sacred.

It was only propped up as something sacred for the purpose of seducing the innocent into worshipping at the alter of fear.

The whole world becomes sacred when it’s used for restoring the mind’s true reality.

The whole world becomes sacrilege when any part is separated out and deemed sacred or sacrilege on its own, because that holds you out as something that can be threatened while giving power to things that seem to threaten you.

The world is innocent and neutral. You decide whether it’s used for self-exaltation or self desecration.


No one is capable of doing anything in your perception without your authority. Find out what motivates you to make them out as if they are acting against you, and be free.


When someone seems to be reacting to you in fear, it’s not time to teach them a spiritual concept. It’s time to take care of that fearful feeling that’s arising in you and projecting outward as if something is lacking.

That’s how we heal together. It’s not by getting people to validate our concepts. In fact, all concepts are meaningless in light of what’s true, and so the truth cannot be shared conceptually.

Truth is only shared by extension from the mind that’s willing to abandon concepts in favor of communion.


All you need is love, but not the kind of love that turns to fear when your seeming needs to go unmet.


When you seem to be doing battle, are you grateful to the ones you seem to be battling against for innocently playing their roles, thus making it possible for you to play yours?

Or are you making yourself out to be righteous and them out to be acting without your authority?

One way of doing battle cures the insanity and the other multiplies it.


If people seem to accuse you of being out of integrity, that’s not without your authority. It’s like you asked them and they agreed to set you up like that so you could bring that dark idea about yourself to the light of your awareness.

Don’t analyze yourself to see if you agree with the accusation unless you want that dark idea to keep on making painful illusions for you. The proper response to any perceived accusation is only gratitude.


Because the only problem is guilty self-belief, healing what makes illusions of problems occurs through willingness to protect the innocent body and mind from being attacked mentally by your guilty self projections.


Correction of Errors

When it seems as if your kid made an error, and you’re willing to see that the only error is only in your perception, your perception gets corrected.

But if you make your kid’s error real and then try to correct it, the error in your perception gets protected, thus setting up your kid to make more errors in your perception.

All of your kid’s apparent errors get corrected naturally, as a result of you taking care of the upset feelings that cause you to perceive your kid darkly.

There’s no need to control whether you apparently help your kid do things better. This is not about action.

This is about watching your mind. Are you trusting in the appearance that your kid is acting on their own, or are you willing to be responsible for your perception of them?

Your kid will learn what they need to learn faster and easier without you making your perception of their errors real.

So it’s perfectly safe to bring worries, fears and other upset feelings to your inner teacher in order to learn your lessons, instead of avoiding your lessons by making yourself responsible for your kid’s learning process.


Conventional thinking would have us continue projecting illusions of bad people who pose threats to our children rather than support us in finding out how to protect our children by eliminating what causes illusions of bad people and threatening behavior in the first place.


Before they took on an apparent birth, your kids learned that they were guilty for having separated themselves from reality.
Their mortal body and its world are the effects of that self-taught lesson.

You can help them and yourself return your awareness to reality through your willingness to protect your shared innocence even when projecting guilt seems to be the only option.


Fear of death is what causes you to become impatient.

It’s not that your child needs to hurry up or otherwise change their behavior.

You can choose to allow compassion for that fearful feeling instead of projecting it as if the problem is with your child.

If you feel disrespected by your kid or anyone else, it’s a sign that you’re presently disrespecting yourself and you don’t want to see it.

In fact, you want to project it so that you can prevent yourself from seeing it.

If you are just a little bit willing to observe this mechanism, it will be revealed and healed.


Your kids cannot really break anything or mess things up. It’s only your mind making that illusion.

You choose whether or not to make the illusion true. One is a choice for guilt and the other for innocence.

When you demonstrate that your child isn’t capable of breaking anything or messing things up, not only do they get to learn about what’s true from you, but your own perception gets a healing, thus shortening time and bringing Heaven closer to your awareness.