The Choice To Love

Your escape from this world depends on your acceptance of all “others” as your Savior. “Others” includes your body and projected mind (who you think you are).

There is truly no one other than yourself. The others that occur to you are only projections of mistaken self-belief.

Hating, attaching to them or fearing them makes the mistaken self-belief real for you, which ties you to this world. But loving them as yourself releases you.

How do you love all others as yourself? Watch how you seem to feel about them. That’s how the mistaken self-belief is making you feel about yourself.

The tendency is to hide from feeling the effects of mistaken self-belief by projecting those feeling effects onto others, but you can make another choice at any given moment.

The choice for your release from this dream of death takes a little bit of willingness to feel the effects of projecting for yourself.

How do you know when you’re projecting? There is a sense of irritation, uncomfort or pain, whether physical or emotional.

Any sense that denies joy is only upheld by your choice to project thought. It’s a conscious choice, although it’s common to consciously hide it from yourself as well.

Be mindful of your projecting and willing to feel it. Don’t try to stop projecting or argue with it, but turn your attention toward feeling, physical or emotional. Pinch yourself if you need to.

That’s all there is to it. Keep up with the practice and in time all of this will be undone and give way to what’s always been.

Reclaiming Innocence

Because our deepest desire is to reclaim the innocence that our self-projected minds have made into a far-fetched fantasy, babies and unconditioned children are projected into our experience to demonstrate the way.

However, the common adult uses the appearance of children’s carelessness and innocence to teach themselves exactly the opposite.

Specifically, the common adult doesn’t think in terms of the child’s careless innocence demonstrating what’s possible for themselves, but in terms of teaching the child that bodies are vulnerable to sickness, attack, and death, and in terms of how to apply worldly solutions to avoid the different forms of bodily harm that the adult projected onto the child in the first place.

Such is a form of self-importance that guarantees more illusions of frail, limited and vulnerable bodies. It also guarantees that death remains as if it’s the inevitable opposite of life.

Reversing the thinking of the world is simple, but not necessarily easy. Everyone chooses whether to use the world’s thinking as a guide for teaching what they already know, or for learning how to reverse it.

To choose consciously takes a little bit of willingness to go through defensiveness and fear, and admit that what you think you know amounts to foolishness compared to the wisdom demonstrated by babies children before they learn to deny themselves.

Every perception provides a new opportunity to choose again.

One Desire

The desire for anything of this world reflects the desire to escape this world.

This world, which projects from your own imagination is caused by the secret belief that you are deserving of death for having separated yourself from reality.

Having found yourself guilty and deserving of death, this world is a projection of your desire to make a substitute reality and a secret hiding place to avoid certain death. According to your desire, the world as you know it is made manifest.

However, this world is not a good substitute for reality nor is it a good hiding place because it only leads to a seeming death and then another seeming birth, whilst you carry around the guilty self-concept that makes illusions of pain, sickness, conflict, and scarcity throughout each lifetime.

As long as you are projecting the desire to make this world, you are also holding within your mind the desire to escape this world, which causes tension and sense that you deserve more. That tension and sense of deserving more is an indication that you cannot succumb fully to this dream of death because you belong in eternity, not in time.

The only time in which you have a direct connection to eternity is Now. It’s a window of opportunity to undo the belief that you separated yourself from Heaven and threw away eternal life.

The way to escape this prison world is through your relationship to it. Do not permit your mind to hold yourself as a victim to anything you perceive nor dwell on the past or future as if they are not projected from your mind in the present moment.

Instead, remind yourself why you are making illusions so that you can use those illusions for undoing the guilty self-belief that is their cause by allowing your thinking to align with Creation.

How do you allow your thinking to align with creation? Through feeling. If it causes you any shred of fear, upset, irritation or worry, it’s based on a guilty self-concept. Keep looking in the direction of thoughts that resonate with the pure joy that’s within you and provide you with a sense of comfort and relaxation that’s not of this world.

It takes great effort, willingness, devotion, and discipline to choose your own escape from the dream of death, but it does get easier over time and it is worth it!

If you don’t use the illusion of time for undoing the guilty self-concept that makes this world manifest, you are using it to make this world real for yourself, which leads to greater and greater degrees of suffering until you are forced to use time wisely. Either way, you will inevitably choose your own salvation. It’s just a matter of how much sickness, conflict, and death you are willing to go through in order to uphold a world that’s made out of a mistaken belief about who you are and what you’ve done.

No Grieving in Loving

What often passes for love is really attachment. People fall in attachment and mistake that for falling in love because they are attracted to the grieving that follows.

In fact, worldly wisdom insists that people grieve because they love deeply as if love really is something that leads to pain.

But any form of love that can lead to pain was never really love at all. It’s only a make-believe substitute for love projected from a mind that mistakenly believes it has cut itself off from true love.

No one falls in love, but it is possible to rise in love out of the shallowness of attachment to false love.

There is no grieving in Love. When you find yourself grieving, it can be resolved if you simply accept no thought that says you are grieving because of love or because of anything other than mistaken self-belief.

Unwillingness to have the cause of grieving healed is due to mental defenses set up to protect this important ego device which makes love fearful and fulfills the secret wish to keep the dream of death alive.

Grieving is not a normal part of life. It’s what people think they deserve, and so they seek it out through the particulars of their lives and then use those particulars and their concept of love as justification for the grieving that ensues.

This doesn’t mean that grieving is wrong or bad, or that anyone is less spiritual if they find themselves grieving.

Grieving has an important purpose. It presents an opportunity to heal what caused it, thus allowing you to reclaim the kind of love you are truly worthy of.

All it takes is a little bit of willingness to stop agreeing with thoughts that seem to justify grieving, especially when you find yourself in the midst of grieving.

Loving Guarantees Safety

Accepting that you must try to keep your children safe from harm is an effect of first accepting that loving thoughts cannot be trusted and that fearful thoughts are justified and true.

Trying to protect the invulnerable teaches them to be vulnerable, which sets them up for illusions of harming and being harmed.

How do you undo this dangerous thought programming?  Every time a fearful thought crosses your mind, remind yourself that you can have a loving thought instead.

If you are used to agreeing with fearful thoughts, this will feel emotionally painful, because pain is the effect of fear and fear is a device that’s meant to keep you in a state of defensiveness against knowing what’s really true. But just beneath the thin surface of pain and fear is an endless space of freedom and sense of safety that you may not have known for a long time.

As you accept that freedom and safety for yourself, your children will learn that they can trust loving thoughts and that allowing their thoughts to be loving guarantees their safety. In a universe that’s only reflecting thoughts, loving is far more powerful than any effort you can make toward keeping your children safe.

It’s not that you are capable of making any physical effort in the illusion, but agreeing with fearful thoughts is a huge effort because it takes an enormous amount of energy to deny your loving essence. This leads to you feeling worn out, overworked and burdened.

In contrast, allowing your thoughts to be loving takes no effort. Although going through the pain of fear may feel like an effort in the beginning, over time, loving proves to be effortless, uplifting and energizing.

None of this is saying that you should or shouldn’t try to keep your children physically safe. You don’t have any choice in that. Your actions are playing out automatically, leading to exactly the experiences you need to undo what causes a world of illusions that demonstrate a lack of safety in the first place.

P.S. The photo here is of my boy when he was two years old, learning how to work a machete. He was also fond of playing on the roof when he was four years old. He gave this mama many opportunities to undo fearful programming!

Cure to the Predatory Mind

Child predators are made from fear of what can happen to children, which is rooted in guilty self-belief.

The cure for child predators is awareness that your thoughts have the power that you give them to make images that report back to you that what you thought is the concrete truth.

Practically, how healing for the predatory mind works is when you find yourself thinking of child predators or any child being in danger, ask yourself “Is this thought loving?”

Note that a loving thought is equally loving to all. It doesn’t evaluate one person as a predator or another as a vulnerable. That’s because in love, everyone is innocent and incapable of harming or being harmed.

You don’t have to do anything to change an unloving thought to loving. All it takes is a little willingness to admit that you must have evaluated wrongly, and your mind is changed for you.

When you admit that you must have evaluated wrongly, you will get the feeling effect of the fearful thought that was projecting outward, which will be emotionally painful.

Embracing that kind of pain is what allows the change to occur in your mind, which protects your children better than any worldly method you can come up with.

Even embracing emotional pain doesn’t require that you do anything. You only have to admit that the pain is caused by an unloving thought instead of agreeing with thought that says the emotional pain is justified by something that’s actually true.

Don’t worry about what you will do in your dream to protect your children. The nature of dreaming is that it’s occurring automatically.

Your responsibility is only to recognize that it is a dream and all power over the events of your dream comes from the way you choose to have the images in the dream interpreted.

There’s plenty of talk about wanting to stop child predators, but most people are unwittingly multiplying predators and putting their children in danger.

Isn’t it time for a solution that actually works?

Communication Is An Inside Job

Communication is beyond words. It’s the way of demonstrating to your own mind that you are Divine and invulnerable to worldly effects.

Whenever you find yourself wanting communication it’s because you’re already projecting yourself as limited and vulnerable, whilst imagining that someone outside of you is responsible for your feeling separate.

People can feel you. When you think you are wanting communication, what you are really looking for is an argument because you are already in an argument with yourself.

Your kids and other people pick up on that, and unless they are looking for an argument like you, it’s going to look like they are avoiding you.

So, when you feel avoided, you can make a conscious choice to get that feeling effect instead of pursuing communication with a person. When you are willing to get that feeling effect, it demonstrates to your mind that you are willing to learn how to truly communicate even in the midst of perceiving that communication is lacking.

As you rediscover your ability to communicate truly, you will rejoice with every appearance of you wanting communication and not getting it, because of the opportunity it presents for demonstrating who you really are, and thereby allowing your mistaken self-belief to get corrected.

As you enjoy your ability to communicate more and more, your mind will become calm and clear as a result.

In the outer world, your kids and others will seem respond with willingness to communicate with you, without your insistence that they do.

Abundant Inspiration

That it takes money to live in the world is a concept that is totally irrelevant in reality. However, it’s common to continuously teach that concept to children so that it maintains its effectiveness in the world.

No one lives in the world. It’s the world that lives in and is supported by the imagination.

Just because you may be living through learned allegiance to the meaningless concept of money does not mean you are obligated to force that concept on children as if it’s a reality.

Freeing yourself from money prison and living from abundant inspiration begins with admitting to yourself that you must be mistaken whenever it appears to you that money is a real issue.

Money isn’t bad or wrong. It’s only a mental device that’s used to demonstrate how your self-belief makes you feel. Money has no meaning right now other than that which you are giving it in the form of thought projection.

The thought that it takes money to live in the world or to live comfortably is a projection of a fearful feeling that’s born of fearful self-belief. Some extrapolations of that thought include “it costs too much”, “I can’t afford it” and “I need to be more responsible with money”.

Healing the root of the problem, which is fearful self-belief, only takes willingness to feel the effect of fearful self-belief instead of teaching it, as if it’s actually true. In this way, the projecting gets cut off so that it doesn’t feed the underlying self-belief.

Don’t worry about your actions. They are coming automatically to reflect how your self-belief makes you feel. Keep choosing feeling over projecting (teaching yourself fearful concepts), and your children will learn from your example how to live from inspiration rather than from oppression.

How the Ego Controls our minds | WD

On this episode of Wisdom Dialogues, Hope Johnson talks about how the ego controls our mind, choices, and beliefs. Once we allow ego to determine our actions, we get feelings of guilt, fear, and anxiety.

The ego tells us to choose which makes us fearful because it is normal, it is what other people do. However, the ego only gives us illusions, tricks, defenses which make us become vulnerable. Accepting these will only make us run away. We don’t get to the bottom of what is truth. Like in eating, when we overeat, it is the ego telling us that consuming a lot is safe for the body.

However, it can be a defense mechanism of something that makes us feel trapped. Rather than recognizing or accepting the situation that makes us feel trapped, we eat. It also goes without saying that when we believe in obesity, being skinny or healthy, it the ego telling us to be prejudiced – to see that body size matters. So, we push ourselves into a body that we think is healthy for us. However, when we truly listen to our body, it will tell us what it wants.

We need to accept truth, rather than depend on illusions. How long it takes to find truth doesn’t even matter as long as we lean to it. When making a choice, return to the feeling, see it. It is important to recognize that in our minds, we have a spirit guide. It is a guide that comforts and tells us we are beyond the world. The spirit makes us feel relieved. We need to choose what makes us feel less guilt and fear. To be open to the spirit, we become happy.

Q: Is free will not real?

Hope Johnson (HJ) explains that we don’t have a choice in a dream state. The mind projects illusions. Through these projections, choices are made. What we choose, gives truth to the illusion. But nothing happened before and in the present, it is just the mind playing out. Thoughts are worldly thoughts to uphold the illusion to make it true. It is up to the person to recognize that nothing happened. When we separate from reality, we become vulnerable. It is up to you to recognize that nothing happened. Agreeing with illusory thoughts makes someone feels upset. When you are afraid, we believe we deserve punishment that is death, or a certain death. When we recognize there is no free-will but freedom of choice, we are happier. One most dangerous thought in choosing ego is feeling taken advantage of. The choice is looking at the thought with a good guide.

Follow-up Q: Separation from love

Love = eternal life. The belief of separation is only death which is a punishment from God. But this is just a dream of separation. We are not willing to let go of the dream because of fear. Humanity has an apparent existence because of the belief in separation. Willing to make a choice shortens the illusion.

Q: What if we can feel other’s feelings and why?

There is no other. Feeling other people’s feelings are our interpretations of energy. Dancing with others is dancing with ourselves. The perception of feeling other people is our projection, interpreting thru our mistaken self-belief. It is feeling our own reaction.

HJ shares an example from a friend a week ago. The friend asked about the feeling of prosecuted. HJ answers that we feel prosecuted because of the projected thoughts of prosecution. What we can do about it is to feel compassion. When we have compassion for ourselves, we show or demonstrate compassion. Compassion is a gift that is received. Let’s not look to the illusion for any proof because it doesn’t have. Bob H. (BH) reacts to this by saying that laughter is a creative tension, also crying.

When we laugh or cry, we release energy which keeps ultimate sanity otherwise we go crazy. HJ answers that there is no wrong nor mistake. It is noticing what choice to make that is the truth. When we have self-guilt, it is important to allow forgiveness. Forgiveness is accepting that nothing happened. When this happens, we become uplifted because we can’t be guilty or accountable.

Q: Wisdom on Contentment

HJ reassures that we are always being guided so don’t worry about being trapped. There are two guides in the mind, the ego, and the spirit. The ego is protective. It automatically creates a defense. On the other hand, the spirit is a comforting, tiny voice, telling us we are beyond the world. It is a kind of comfort that offers us the choice that we are beyond the world. So, we need to choose to lean toward the spirit guide. However, the ego makes us feel guilty and fearful. It tells us we are making a mistake. However, everything is a benefit, nothing is wrong.

When we listen to the ego guide, it can lead to a dangerous thought that is – we feel taken advantaged or we are taking advantage of something. It is dangerous because it feels worse and worse and worse as it prolongs. Remember, we are not something that can’t be trapped like that. We need to make the choice – which thought feels better? We don’t have to go to the fearful one. When we choose fear, we choose the ego thought. Making a choice is agreeing with the thought or feeling relieved following a thought. The ego will say, “You’re going crazy if everything is okay”. When others oppose, say, “Okay, thank you”.

Then, Lorry (L) shares a family reunion she attended where her son reacted to a picture of his daughter wearing a bikini. The picture was only shared exclusively to the group chat but her son thinks her daughter is almost wearing nothing. It is dangerous with all the crazy-minded people out there who victimize children. L says she blew up on her son’s reaction. It was an automatic defense. It was listening to the ego.

HJ answers that the ego makes everything a big deal. It projects that everything is a big deal. When we recognize that we follow our ego’s projections, it is just learning rather than something really happening. So, don’t guilt yourself.

BH adds that when we feel upset, discouraged or fearful, we need to dismiss it and go on. Else, we get embroiled and tangled into this trap for a long time. We need to move on and let the negativity pass. Rather than dwelling, we just have to let go.

HJ replies back and says we need to follow the guidance of spirit or ego. What we think is happening is just an illusion. We are just making a choice. When we separate from the illusion, we are stepping back from it. We are not trying to let go but we are choosing between the spirit or the ego. The question is when are you willing to take it?

Q: Being conscious about this, made fear come up

HJ says that recognizing the fear, recognize is ok. It is a breakthrough.

Q: How long does it take to find truth from illusion?

Time itself is an illusion. There is no time. The illusion of time is it’s long or short. It doesn’t matter how long it lasts. As long as we are willing to choose the truth, it doesn’t matter how long we find it. Heal the guilty – self. In reality, there is no beginning and end of time. It is just a projection.

Q: Does food not have an effect on the body?

Ego will tell us to eat anything because food doesn’t affect the body. Then, it gives us a sense of guilt which makes the illusion look true. Ego will use this information to serve us as a body. The ego’s job is to use this thought as a mind trick to seem that food has an effect.

We need to keep denying the evidence. Watch it play out. The choice is who am I in this? When you overeat, you need to ask yourself, “Who am I in this?” It is all projected from the mind. Look at what is least fearful. Choose which guide you need to follow.

BH responds that you are the master of the body.

HJ explains that there two levels – play on the surface and letting things play out. The projections and illusions are play on the surface. What is deeper is allowing things to play out.

Q: Beginner tips on dream state…

Start to notice any kind of clenching and constriction in your body. Be watchful on what you’re body does because it means you are nervous. When your body tenses, it is you choosing the voice of the ego, listening to the negative thoughts of the ego. Use essential oils too because the aroma will lift the thoughts.

Q: Giving the feeling effect. Is there a “done?”

Be patient but don’t wait. Thinking if it ever changes is projected from a feeling. Get the feeling –affect from that. There’s a lot of defenses in the mind. Every thought is projected from feelings. Go back to the feeling. “It’s occurring because I want it to happen” – step back from that. You are before a projection. Step back from it because you are not it.

Q: Wisdom On Eating

Eating is a distraction. It is always just being alert. Noticing that you are eating, eating, eating, the ego makes it a guilty action. Watching it play out will make you see what you are covering up. Overeating is not coming out of joy. It is a tricky joy. You know you are tricking yourself when you get a shitty feeling afterward.

We become a food-victim when we cover up a feeling of being trapped. Running away from that trapped feeling, we consume food to fill the void. Recognize what traps you. Acknowledge what is going on.

Don’t wait. Time is now.

The ego is using your dominion to make yourself the victim. The illusion isn’t true. Denying is laughing about it. I am not doing anything.

Q: Wisdom on obesity

The size of the body doesn’t matter. How do you feel about it? That’s what it comes to. Names are projection. What is more important is, “How do you feel?” That just makes prejudice arise when seeing the size. The body isn’t real. Let’s other deal with their own salvation as you deal with your own salvation. Obesity is symbolic of guilt so is a healthy body. The ego will tell us that we are obese.

It makes us feel guilty about it so, we work to have a skinnier body. It is also the same in keeping a healthy body. We pressure ourselves in having a healthy body because we feel guilty when it fattens. These are meaningless thoughts. Your mind knows what body you want.

As you release tension, you will have an easier time to be that. Let it flow freely. It is the journey, not the destination that is important. There’s really no destination in the illusion. Undo the guilt in the illusion.

Guilt or Innocence? It’s the only Choice

Guilt or Innocence? It's the only Choice

As a parent, if you are willing to get that your children only look to you to show them their innocence so that you could reclaim yours…

You will not find yourself trying to convince your children that they have done something wrong…. nor will you find yourself agreeing with them when they come up with the mad idea that they’ve done something wrong.

Instead, you will carefully choose to Deny truth to illusions of wrongdoing so that you can demonstrate that only innocence is possible, rather than habitually choosing to make illusions of wrongdoing true so that you can demonstrate that guilt is inescapable.


your only responsibility in this world is choosing between guilt or innocence. All worldly responsibilities and choices are being played out automatically and are only being propped up to distract you from taking responsibility for the only choice you can and do make from moment to moment.

No one gets out of making this important choice, and the common parental mind chooses the guilty alternative because of fear that if they choose innocence, their child will not learn their lesson. Such is the backwards thinking of the world, and it’s meant to keep the cause of perceiving guilty illusions hidden so that its effects can be multiplied forever.

Choosing innocence in the face of guilty appearances is how to reverse the thinking of the world and command miracles. It’s the only way to call forth the kind of healing that transforms ancient wounds into present love.

Whatever you find yourself perceiving is a benefit because it presents an opportunity to choose again.

What will you choose this time?