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For approximately the first four decades of her life, Hope handled discontent in the manner most people consider “normal.” Specifically, she taught herself early on that blaming and condemning was the way to preserve her innocence. Ultimately looking avoid the threat of punishment, sickness, and death.

Hope made her personality, body, other people, places, things, and circumstances responsible for her unhappy feelings. She felt herself to be trapped in a world of projected guilt and blame.

Her roles as a mother to three children, wife, and business partner constantly triggered unhappy feelings. Hope no longer felt like the joyful, carefree person she once knew herself to be. Instead, she was overwhelmed with confusion, desperation, and many different flavors of depression and sickness.

In 2009, it occurred to Hope that “there must be a better way.” Her mind was now set on finding that way. Inspired to share her discoveries with others, she created a website called The Way to The Way.

Five years of research, writing, crying, praying, practicing yoga, meditating, and experimenting with many different healing methods until she had a significant breakthrough in the summer of 2014. Instantly, the underlying cause of feeling unhappy was revealed, along with understanding how to resolve what causes unhappy feelings to express themselves.

Hope finally understood what Jesus meant when he said, “You have dominion over the world,” and she was eager to apply that understanding to her worldly perceptions.

Over time, Hope’s painful triggers arose in their full intensity; as an opportunity to be resolved through the application of her new understanding. For every resolved trigger, she could feel her childlike sense of wonder and joy returning, while watching the miracle of her relationships begin to heal and bloom.

In 2018, when the Kilauea lava flow wiped out her family home, gardens, and business facility – all of which were uninsured – Hope realized that she had attained the quality of happiness that could not be shaken by worldly circumstances.

To this day, she continues to use any sense of unhappiness for healing its cause; which is what brings Hope the highest sense of happiness on her journey. The world reciprocates this happiness with a reflection of kindness, gentleness, and gratitude.

Along her path, Hope discovered a love for the healing power of plant based medicines and pure essential oils.  In the same manner that she was led to share wisdom, she was equally inspired to share her love for essential oils.

Today, Hope and her family have a created a worldwide offering, called “Miracle Botanicals;” which they consider to be the absolute best collection of pure essential oils.  With thousands of customers, Hope and her family consider it a great honor and joy to be able to serve the heart’s, minds, and bodies of fellow human beings in this way.

In addition to running a family-based Essential Oil business, Hope is also focused on regularly sharing wisdom with others, both in-person and online.  She has regular group meetings on the Big Island of Hawaii, offers retreats, and shares a live video broadcast once per week called “Wisdom Dialogues.”  

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