Be Ageless, Be a Bundle of Joy

This post is a follow-up to Hope’s Wisdom Dialogues Episode Called One Thing, One Purpose, written by Gail Florence.

Ever remember your parents describing you as a bundle of joy?

When we were swaddled in a baby wrap looking like a bundle and sleeping soundly in the arms of our mom or dad, for sure, there was a moment, our parent whispered, “What a bundle of joy.” Whatever we did as babies – woke up in the middle of the night, cried for milk, relieved ourselves at different times, crawled here and there – we were only seen as bearers of happiness. We might even wish now, for whatever reason, to be just babies or children again because we yearn for their carefree and happy lives.

However, we don’t need to wish or yearn our childhood.

We can continue being a bundle of joy even at our age. Why? It is because we were created for joy so, it never left us. Unfortunately/fortunately, our different experiences and the things we learned, covered up the joy within us. Each experience (especially ones that hurt, upset, or scared us) and assumption of life was like mud thrown over the bundle until it was all concealed in filth. So, at some point in our lives, we believe there is no happiness for us anymore.

First, let’s go through why it is an unfortunate circumstance. It is okay we experience different situations. Life is colorful and we see all those colors because of everything that we go through. However, believing that what is left of us are only pain, insecurity, inadequacy, fear, sadness, and so on is the unfortunate event. When we believe in our thoughts which only make us feel guilt and self-doubt, we are burying our intrinsic joy more and more.

They are not reality…

Once our thoughts offer fear, anxiety, or sadness, they can look real because we firmly hold on to them. It is as if, we are laying out our future for negative re-occurrences because we are forwarding the same negative feelings. We forget or maybe deny that all thoughts are just perceptions. They are not reality. We deny we can still make a choice not to believe them. We can remove all the mud and bring out our being bundles of joy again.

Meanwhile, what makes our experiences and assumptions of life fortunate events? It is when we see them as opportunities for learning and recognizing truth. When we start to see what we have been believing as unreal, we are just making them up, clarity takes over our minds and happiness starts to sprout from within. We can return, then, to our being bundles of joy.

Reality is we are all one with one purpose…

Reality is we are all one with one purpose – to expand joy and love. We can say our thoughts, past and future, fear and doubt are nothing. Reality is, life is just flowing and all beings and circumstances are part of it. However, as humans with perceptions, we believe thoughts and concepts like money, sickness and death, are real. Removing all of those, what remains is an ocean of love and all are bearers of love. So, wherever we go, whatever we see, we extend love. It can also be, if we constantly hold on to our fears, wherever we go, whatever we see, we extend fear.

So, it is up to us how to perceive what thought or feeling arises within us. We don’t need to suppress or deny negative ones. We can recognize their presence, examine their root, let them play out until we see or feel the truth again. We can say, until we feel love, joy, and contentment again.

Once a fearful, sad or guilty thought spring up, we can tell ourselves, “I am making it up”. It can be difficult at first but constantly lessening its intensity, stillness remains. We will just feel calm.

If there is something to believe, it is we are bundles of joy for eternity. (Baby laughter all over)

One Thing, One Purpose | WD

In this episode on Wisdom Dialogues, Hope Johnson, Laurie Thiboutot and Bob Shine hold an in-depth conversation on our real purpose which is to expand love and joy.

Glean some wisdom on the following topics:

  • What happens when we uplift the veil?
  • What are we going to see that’s real?
  • What are we?
  • What is the meaning of, “It is all one thing,”?
  • What are sadness and bliss?
  • Is there a healing for the body?

What happens when we uplift the veil?

When we uplift the veil, we will see that it is all and for one thing. All the fluctuations we perceive are nothing and just for our entertainment. Though we are struggling to understand it and many people make such choice, healing can still happen when we acknowledge that we are struggling.

We can recognize who we are, make a choice and see everything is nothing. Then, there is no problem at all. When we see everything is one thing, whatever happens is cool, appropriate and awesome.

What are we going to see that’s real?

It not like seeing through our body’s eyes. We see true perception through an inner eye. Whatever is coming to us, we see it is for a guilty self-concept and it is not real. We are just projecting how we wish to see ourselves in our minds.

The way we perceive is through the body-sense. So, it appears we are in a body and we are responsible for our bodies and things that happen in the world. However, in reality, nothing is happening but a play of energies.

What are we?

Everyone has a spark of the Divine. We have a tiny light inside but it can get shrouded by holding onto judgement. When we agree to judgement, it seems we are laying out our future by setting out circumstances that bring out the same feelings forward. We are living like it is an emotional journey. It is the feeling that keeps going forward.

We are made for expanding joy. Symbolically, God made us for His pleasure which can mean, God made us to experience joy through us. We make ourselves joyful through making a choice for reality. When we realize that, we will see it is all and for one thing and the purpose is for expanding joy.

We have an inner smile behind whatever is occurring to us. The little light can be expanded for who we are. However, we are more accepting of the thoughts occurring in our life now which we are all making up. It is like a drama show.

It is all about the natural flow of life so, nothing can hurt us. We just believe in worldly thoughts that we can get hurt, insane, worried and so on. Furthermore, one of the ego’s game is our perceptions will come true. However, we can make a choice and see bliss and liberation instead. In reality, we have no idea what’s going to occur because it will all just play out.

What is the meaning of, “It is all one thing,”?

Nothing separate is happening. It is all just a hologram occurring to us, out of our projection, for us to perceive what we believe.

When we get a charge, our beliefs are revealed and they can get undone. Then, our life becomes an undoing of the guilty self-concept. In that, we are being uplifted and we can get more joy and expand it, too. We can’t also get a perception that someone is doing something to us. So, nothing is happening.

We need to get the feeling, let it be, and believe we are just making everything up until we see and feel empowered.

What are sadness and bliss?

Sadness needs a story, a hook and belief in the feeling. It means we are believing what is untrue and we are acting it out like a drama show. However, it is okay to feel sad because it is still an opportunity.

Meanwhile, our joy helps everyone, it is not selfish. When we see that we are uplifted in joy, it changes the whole vibe of everything. Beneath the thin layer of perception, what we have is bliss. When we see that there’s nothing in our perceptions, we can get an overwhelming bliss. Then, whatever bad that is happening, we can accept it like we are making it up for the blessing.

Thus, we need to refuse to buy into our thoughts and deny the evidence.

Is there a healing for the body?

There is no healing for the body, the body is unhealed at the first place. It is the mind that needs healing. The body sense is just a symbol for a diseased mind. When we are focused on healing for the body, we are not getting to the underlying cause.

The disease to be healed is the sense of upset, not supported by the spirit, and we’re not for expanding joy. There is no limit to healing especially when we recognize it is all for one thing and we are expanding joy in whatever is being perceived. So, we can delete all the problems we perceive in the world.

The only reality is love. We can make a choice for reality just by loving and whatever there is, we can say, “Thank You!”